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While it is no longer the latest and greatest, the iPad Air 3 (2019) still gives you plenty of pro-level performance and features for a mid-level price. Plus, if you don't like the new design of the iPad Air 4, the iPad Air 3 is still available from some retailers and offers terrific value. But if you are looking to become even more productive, you're going to need one of the best iPad Air 3 keyboard cases. Here are some of our favorite options that you can still pick up right now. And if you need some extras, don't forget to check out the best iPad Air accessories.

Apple Smart Keyboard

Make use of the Smart Connector: Apple Smart Keyboard

Staff Favorite

Since the iPad Air 3 now has a Smart Connector, you should take advantage of it and use something like the Apple Smart Keyboard. It's a lightweight cover that will protect your iPad Air from everyday scuffs and scratches, and it's insanely portable. When you need to type, just reveal the Smart Keyboard and start typing. It seamlessly connects to the Smart Connector for power and data transfer, and the keyboard itself is made from silicone with a fabric covering over the keys, so it should be a bit resistant to accidental spills if they occur.

Brydge 10.5 Series II Rose Gold

Like a Pro: Brydge 10.5 Series II

Brydge is another favorite of ours, as they make excellent, high-quality keyboard cases that turn your iPad into a laptop. The Brydge 10.5 Series II protects your iPad Air 3 from everyday bumps and nicks, while also providing you with a built-in backlit wireless keyboard. That's right! You can type away on your iPad in the dark with this case. The battery life on this case is also outstanding, as it'll last around 12 months per charge. No need to worry about a low battery, but it would be good to top it off now and then! It also comes in several color options to suit whatever mood you're in.

MoKo keyboard case for iPad Air 3 with Apple Pencil holder

Simplicity at its finest: MoKo Wireless Keyboard Case with Pencil Holder

This keyboard case from MoKo is simple yet elegant. The exterior is made from a PU leather material that will provide ample protection for your tablet. The hardshell case that the iPad Air snaps into has openings to access all buttons and ports while it's inside the case. The Bluetooth keyboard itself is detachable, so you have freedom when typing. There is also a slot for your Apple Pencil, and it has a magnetic closure.

From $20 at Amazon
Fintie Keyboard Case iPad Air 3

Variety is key: Fintie Keyboard Case with Built-in Apple Pencil Holder

Fintie's keyboard case has a ton of different color choices available, from professional neutrals to unique patterns and designs that make you stand out from the crowd. The case itself is made from PU leather on the outside and anti-slip rubber-lined material on the interior shell, so your iPad Air 3 is safe and secure. The keyboard is detachable, and you can use the grooves in the cover as a stand to give you the perfect viewing angle. There's also a built-in Apple Pencil holder, so you're never without your writing or drawing tool.

Earto 7 color backlit iPad 10.5 keyboard

Splash of color: Earto 7-Color Rotating Backlit Keyboard Case

This keyboard case from Earto is a great option for those who want to add some color to their iPad productivity. This keyboard can cycle through seven different backlight colors for the keyboard, so it sets itself apart from the rest. It also fully protects your iPad Air from everyday wear and tear thanks to the folio design, and it has full 360-degree rotation and 180-degree flip, allowing you to work from any angle.

$57 at Amazon
Logitech Combo Touch

Maximum productivity: Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case for iPad Air 3

Productivity booster

The Logitech Combo Touch turns your iPad Air into a productivity machine. The Combo Touch keyboard folio case gives you all-around protection on your iPad Air, so it's safe from everyday wear and tear as you transport it around. The keyboard is also detachable, so you can take it off when you just want to watch video or sketch on your iPad. But when you have the keyboard on, you'll see that it has a built-in trackpad, bringing it in line with the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. The trackpad helps boost your productivity and turns your iPad into a suitable laptop replacement. There is also a holder for your Apple Pencil.

Logitech Slim Folio Case Bluetooth Keyboard Ipad Air 3 Render

Lightweight productivity: Logitech Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech Slim Folio Case is just like the name implies — it's slim, lightweight, and comes with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard that will last for up to four years with batteries. The keys are spaced out well for hours of comfortable typing, and there's a whole row of shortcut keys to make your iPadOS life easier. You can also store your Apple Pencil in the holder on the side so that it is always with you. Multiple viewing and typing angles are supported with the Slim Folio.

Zagg Messenger Folio Ipad Air 1050 Keyboard Case

Tough productivity: ZAGG Messenger Folio Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Case

ZAGG is a great brand when it comes to tough and durable protection. This case can handle anything you throw at it, and you get a keyboard to boot. It connects via Bluetooth and can last up to three months on a single charge. There's a built-in tab for your Apple Pencil, and the magnetic closure keeps everything safe and secure.

$20 at Amazon
Yekbee Ipad Keyboard Case Rose Gold Backlight

Glorious technicolor: YEKBEE iPad Air 3 Keyboard Case

This keyboard case comes in several different body colors and gives you a full 360-degree hinge, so you can adjust your viewing angle to pretty much anything you'd like. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and you get backlit keys with 10 color options to choose from. And if you use an Apple Pencil, there is an integrated holder at the top of the keyboard as well.

$70 at Amazon

Be productive with the best iPad Air 3 keyboard cases

The iPad is one of the best tablets out there, and the iPad Air 3, while older, is still a great choice if you're on a budget. It's still plenty fast with the A12 Bionic chip, works with the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil (1st-generation), you get up to 256GB of space (which is plenty for most), Touch ID, and more. And if you plan to use your iPad instead of a laptop, then having the best iPad Air 3 keyboard case helps you get the most out of your machine.

Out of the available options, we prefer the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover. The iPad Air finally has the Smart Connector port, so why not use it? Plus, the Smart Keyboard is super portable and convenient, and it's made from a comfortable material that is fun and comfortable to type on.

If you want a bit more variety out of your purchase, you should go with the Finite Keyboard Case. It comes with a built-in Apple Pencil Holder, and it has anti-slip, rubber-lined material to keep it safe and secure. Plus, it comes in so many different color and pattern options; you can pick the one that suits you best.

But for those who want an iPad Pro-like experience, we recommend the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case. The addition of the trackpad makes it easier to navigate through everything on your iPad Air, turning it even more into a laptop replacement. It's the closest that you're going to get without forking over the cash for an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard combo, and it can even hold your Apple Pencil when it's not in use. For a closer look, check our Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case review.

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