Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPad

Apple's 6th-generation iPad is the latest in a line of fantastic productivity devices. The 9.7-inch's latest Apple Pencil support positions it to be the perfect device to combine technology with liberal arts. It's also Apple's top-of-the-line, entry-level tablet, perfect for browsing the web, checking email, and writing your novel on the go. In addition to protecting it with a great case, you should consider adding a keyboard for mobility and usability to compliment your 9.7-inch 6th-generation iPad perfectly.

Your go-to portable keyboard?

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Do you have a favorite portable keyboard that you always take along with your iPad? Drop your fav in the comments section with the reasons why it's so important to you.

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  • Magic Keyboard is probably the best typing experience out of the bunch I think. I use it with a Canopy case from Studio Neat, but I think you'd be better off with the one with Finite one on Amazon. The only problem I have with the MK, is it is single device only. Would be nice if I could switch between my iPhone and iPad on the fly, but I have to pair it every time.