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So, you just picked up a new iPad Air 3, and you have a child — say no more. Kids are great, but they aren't always the greatest when it comes to keeping tech safe and secure. You need some rugged kid-proof functionality, and maybe even shock and drop protection. Fortunately, because the dimensions of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro are the same as the iPad Air 3, there are plenty of cases available that mesh well with your new toy and your little one. Here are the best kid-friendly cases for the iPad Air 3.

Aceguarder Case

Colorful and rugged: ACEGUARDER Ultra Protective Rugged Case

Staff Pick

The Aceguarder is designed from a tough, drop-resistant material, making it ideal for kids who like to play rough. It comes with a multi-position kickstand and can be found in a variety of fun and eye-catching color combinations, making it perfect for kids of all ages.

$16 at Amazon
Armera Case

Apple Pen friendly: Armera Heavy Duty Protection Case

The Armera case is designed from a high-quality silicone gel that'll protect your tech from drops and falls while still looking funky with a variety of patterns. It comes in blue, black, and orange color options and is incredibly easy to clean in the event of sticky little fingers.

$12 at Amazon
Bolete Case

Kickstand included: Bolete Lightweight Stand Case

This Bolete case is made from strong but lightweight padding, while the handle on the case can also double as a kickstand. You can pick up this brightly colored case in black, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, red, yellow, black/yellow, blue/red, and pink/purple color combinations.

$18 at Amazon
Braecn Case

Versatile design: BRAECN Rugged Heavy Duty Case

The BRAECN case is designed with a 360-degree kickstand, a hand strap, and a shoulder strap, while the body of the case is made from a durable and shockproof material. You can pick one up in red, black, blue, green, purple, and pink color options. It's great for kids, but also teenagers since it's quite cool and sleek.

$24 at Amazon
Supcase Case

Kickstand optional: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO Protective Case

This SUPCASE option is impact resistant and designed to protect every inch of your iPad Air, while a functional kickstand makes watching movies and swiping your iPad's screen as easy as pie. You can pick one up in black, white, blue, and pink color options, making it a bright and colorful choice for children.

$27 at Amazon

Educational fun: CHINFAI Kid-Proof Silicone Case

The CHINFAI case is made from a soft yet flexible foam that resembles a standing dude. It's also covered in the ABCs and 123s to help your little one learn while watching your iPad. You can grab this hilarious little guy in orange, red, and purple color options.

$20 at Amazon
Topsky Case

Reliable and practical: TOPSKY Rugged Case

The TOPSKY rugged case is designed to save your iPad from drops and falls. It comes with a kickstand and a raised bezel around the screen and camera to prevent scratches on your iPad.

$20 at Amazon
ZHK Case

Affordable: ZHK Rugged Case

The ZHK rugged case is made from tough, durable material and a silicone bumper, so you won't have to worry about your little one shattering your iPad. The case gives you access to all buttons and ports and comes in four different color options.

$12 at Amazon
Poetic Case

Soft silicone: Poetic Silicone Case

The Poetic silicone case is a soft-to-the-touch protective case for your iPad that's designed for kids in mind. You can easily attach your Apple Pencil to the back of it. It comes in blue, black, green, and pink color options.

$17 at Amazon

Find an iPad case you and your little one will love

Whether you're on the hunt for a case for a toddler or a pre-teen, there are a ton of different options out there to protect your iPad Air (2019)! We personally love the ACEGUARDER Ultra Protective Rugged Case because of the tough durability, eye-catching bright color options, and super affordable price tag.

Maybe your kid is a little bit younger, and you also want a case that adds an educational element to iPad time. The CHINFAI kids proof silicone case is designed with the alphabet around the edges and numbers on the back to help your children learn their ABCs and 123s while watching their favorite cartoons.

Any case is better than no case, but when it comes to kids, we believe in taking every precaution to protect your precious iPad, which is why we've featured so many rugged options. No matter what case you decide to go with, we're sure there's an option on our list that you and your little one will love in one way or another.

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