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Your kid and an iPad mini make a great pair. The smaller form factor is great for small hands. The iPad mini 5, with its spec bump and Apple Pencil compatibility, is truly a "grown-up" iPad that a child can grow into. But you'll probably want to protect that iPad mini 5 from little hands. While there are lots of great iPad mini 5 cases out there, here are the best iPad mini 5 cases for kids.

BMOUO Kids Case for iPad mini

Just right: BMOUO Kids Case for iPad mini

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This sturdy, colorful, and functional case ticks all the boxes. The carrying handle is perfect for small hands folds back to form a stand, perfect for watching videos, coloring, or playing games. It's lightweight but thick enough to protect the iPad mini in a variety of situations. Choose from lots of bright colors.

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ESR Screen Protector

Protect the screen: ESR Screen Protector

If you choose a case that doesn't have a built-in screen protector, you may want to consider a tempered glass screen protector for that little bit of extra protection. This screen protector from ESR comes with a frame to help you install it correctly and without bubbles on the first try. It's only 0.3mm thick, so it won't add much bulk to the iPad mini.

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Feitenn iPad Mini Case for Kids

Butterflies: Feitenn iPad Mini Case 5 for Kids

This adorable yet functional case comes in a butterfly shape. The butterfly's wings fold back into a stand for video viewing. The beautiful butterfly case comes in several different colors.

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TopEsct Kids Case for iPad mini 5

The traveler: TopEsct Kids Case for iPad mini

This sturdy soft silicone case comes with a long strap so your child can securely carry the iPad around his or her neck or wrap the strap around the car's headrest so the child can watch videos in the back seat. With handles on three sides and a kickstand on the back, this is a very functional case. It comes in plenty of different colors to suit every taste.

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iPad mini 5 case

For older kids: BRAECN for iPad Mini

When your child outgrows the "kiddie" cases but still needs some serious protection, this case is just right. It's made for serious heavy-duty protection. There is both a handle and a kickstand on the back, as well as a detachable strap for carrying or securing to the car's headrest. It comes in many colors, both subtle and bright.

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SEYMAC iPad Mini Case

For tweens: SEYMAC iPad Mini 4/5 Case

This is not a child's case per se, but it's definitely more protective and heavy-duty than the typical smart folio type of case. It's perfect for older kids, tweens, and teens. The tri-fold front folds back to form a high-angle stand for video viewing or low-angle stand typing and drawing. The magnets in the front cover activate the iPad mini's sleep/wake functionality, saving battery. There's an Apple Pencil slot on the back. Choose from several different colors.

$19 at Amazon

Which of the best iPad mini 5 cases for kids is best suited for yours?

The iPad mini 5 is virtually the same size and shape as the iPad mini 4; the buttons are slightly larger, and the microphone is in a slightly different place. Since the form factor of the iPad mini 5 is basically the same as the iPad mini 4, there are plenty of case options. All of the above are excellent choices. It's hard to pick just one best option because it depends on the temperament and the age of your child and how they use the iPad.

The BMOUO Kids Case for iPad mini is a good simple but functional case for the littlest ones. Constructed from EVA foam, it's both lightweight and protective. The added size and grippable form factor make younger children less likely to drop it. The bulky foam case means that if the iPad mini does get dropped, it's less likely to sustain damage. Since the carrying handle folds back to form a kickstand, you can set it on a table, and your child can watch videos hands-free.

With an older child, I'd go for the BRAECN for iPad Mini for its multi-functionality, more grown-up looks. It has both a handle and a kickstand. Strap it to the back of your headrest in the car, and your child has back-seat entertainment for miles and miles. The strap can also be slung over a shoulder so your child can carry the iPad mini like a messenger bag.

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