Best MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max iMore 2022

Apple introduced MagSafe along with the iPhone 12, and charging has never been simpler. Instead of being tethered to Lightning cable, you can now use a MagSafe charger to top off the battery of your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone cord-free. MagSafe support is inside Apple's latest lineup of iPhone 13 devices. If you're the proud owner of a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, you're going to need a case. There's no better way to take advantage of new technology than to grab one of the best MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag Iphone 13 Pro Max Render Cropped

Best overall: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

Staff Pick

Clear cases let you show off your iPhone's true colors. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid comes in transparent white, clear blue, and clear black and is resistant to the yellowing that plagued clear cases in the last decade. There's a raised lip on the Ultra Hybrid to shield the camera and screen from scratches when you set your phone down, and Air Cushion Technology provides superb shock absorption against drops. This clear case works with all the best MagSafe chargers, and the price is nice.

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Best official case: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Apple's leather case line has always been one of my favorites. It's sleek, weighs almost nothing, and develops a patina that makes it look even better over time than the day you bought it. Made from tanned and finished leather, you can get this case in one of four colors. And since it came from an Apple factory, the magnets lineup perfectly with all MagSafe chargers and accessories.

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Military-grade protection: Meifigno Magnetic Case

If you're prone to dropping your phone or working a job that requires better than average protection, you want the Meifigno Magnetic Case. The shiny translucent black case looks fantastic, and it's equipped with perfectly aligned magnets for charging. This case has passed the military anti-drop test and can survive being dumped on the ground more than 3,000 times. Pretty impressive stuff!

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Best removable folio: Bouletta Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Bouletta puts out one of the most unique MagSafe cases we've seen. It's a two-piece case that includes a genuine leather folio to store credit cards and cash, plus a leather phone case. The iPhone case slides in the folio when you want to take your entire life with you and slips out of the folio when you want to shove your iPhone in your pocket. How cool is that?

Apple Silicone Case Iphone 13 Pro Max Render Cropped

Best colors: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

The Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe won't weigh down your pockets but will let you use a MagSafe charger. The finish is soft, and a little grippy, and the inside has a soft microfiber liner to keep the back of your device scratch-free. In typical Apple fashion, you can get this case in one of eight different colors, and they all look amazing.

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Best heavy-duty: Spigen Mag Armor

Ultra-durable cases tend to be bulky and difficult to get in and out of pockets. That's not so with the Spigen Mag Armor. This slim case is backed by Air Cushion Technology that shields your iPhone from damage when it's dropped, yet it's one of the lightest cases on our list. The Mag Armor works great with all MagSafe chargers and has cutouts for the camera lenses and traditional charging port.

Case Mate Soap Bubbles Iphone13promax Case Render Cropped

Coolest designs: Case-Mate SOAP Bubble

Slap some pizazz to your iPhone with Case-Mate. The Soap Bubble MagSafe case is a colorful rainbow of soap bubble-looking swirls that change with movement and light. There's a lot to love with 10-foot drop protection, flexible sides that encourage better grip, and built-in magnets that work well with MagSafe.

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Best grip: Smartish iPhone 13 Pro Max Slim Case

Phones tend to slip right out of our hands. Smartish knows this and created something called Gripmunk. It's a lightweight, slender case with finger holds on the sides, so you always keep a firm hold. Air pockets are in each corner, too, so if your iPhone does slip out and hit the floor, a cushion of air surrounds it. The Gripmunk comes in numerous colors and patterns and is MagSafe-compatible.

Apple Clear Case Render Cropped

Best clear case: Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

New to the Apple lineup this year is this clear case made for iPhone 13 Pro Max. This case is thin, light, and grippy on the sides. Shock absorption is baked in. Unlike other clear cases, Apple's model doesn't collect scratches or turn funny colors. And since Apple's name is on it, it's made to work with MagSafe.

Torras Moonclimber Render Cropped

Best kickstand case: TORRAS MoonClimber

We love phone kickstands! Throw down the kickstand for hands-free FaceTime calls, better selfies, and even following recipes in the kitchen. The TORRAS MoonClimber is shockproof, comes with perfect cutouts for camera lenses and buttons, and has a metal kickstand that will make your life easier. Grab this now in black, blue, or clear.

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Best wallet: Case-Mate Wallet Folio for iPhone

If you're anything like me, it's not uncommon to walk out the front door without your wallet, cash, or phone. Case-Mate put all those things together in its MagSafe-compatible wallet folio. There's a spot for your ID, credit cards, cash, and your iPhone. This all-leather folio has 10-foot drop protection and keeps your phone firmly in place and within reach.

These three cases top my list of favorites

MagSafe is one of my favorite features of the iPhone these days. I've tested a slew of MagSafe compatible cases, and a few stand out. My favorite, and our staff pick, is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag. It's lightweight, shows off your phone's true colors, and has excellent shock absorption.

Apple's leather case is one the most well-made on our list. It fits the iPhone 13 Pro Max perfectly, is lightweight, and looks oh-so-fine. And since Apple designs it, it connects with MagSafe chargers and accessories without hassle. Grab it in one of four colors.

If you're tired of boring black cases, you want SOAP Bubble from Case-Mate. It has 10-foot drop protection, works with all MagSafe chargers, and has a swirled iridescent design that changes when you move your phone around.

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