Best Miitopia Mii Customizations: Mr. Clean, Mario, Zelda, Garfield, and more

Miitopia Characters
Miitopia Characters (Image credit: iMore)

Miitopia is a light-hearted RPG where players can customize every single NPC they encounter to look just the way they want. With the recent release of the demo, Nintendo fans have discovered the new Makeup and Wig tools that allow you to really make your team members look unique. Many players have taken to creating popular characters like Mr. Clean, Garfield, Strong Bad, Revali, and more.

With all of the fun you can have with Miitopia, we won't be surprised if it becomes one of the best Nintendo Switch games. Whether you're trying to get inspiration for your own character creations or just want to see the zany things others have come up with, here are the best Miitopia character customizations. We've included codes and access keys when available.

Best Miitopia face customizations

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People are so darn creative and we love to see all of the cool faces they've been making in Miitopia.

Clean slate

@The_Ultra_Nerd went all out with this awesome Mr. Clean customization. We can't wait to see what else they make.

Access Key: 48GM1VL

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Mushroom Kingdom gang

It makes me so happy that @Da_Nintendude took the time to make a bunch of cool Mushroom Kingdom characters. I'm here for it.

Access Key: 368GRCF

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More like Wowser

Miitopia players keep testing the boundaries of what the game's customization options can do as @mitsamemario shows in this awesome Bowser creation.

Access Key: 7W0XJ2H

Legolas in the bunch

Among @DeniseD0103's creations is an awesome Legolas. He'll make for a great addition to your party.

Access Key: 2CVL97G

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Breath of the Wild Rito

This Revali look-alike has us in awe! What a fantastic creation from @Addylizardog.

Access Key: 47HBPP1

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Twilight Princess

Why wouldn't you want to play as Midna? She's both adorable and creepy. Awesome job, @Twili_Princess!

Access Key: 3L02FXR

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Evil King

The detail on this Ganondorf Mii has blown us away. Way to make the Gerudo King come to life, @saborseph!

Access Key: 232YVJV

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Tingle time

This Mii perfectly captures the look and feel of Wind Waker Tingle. Very impressive, @KiddComets!

Access Key: 251LHXC

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Silent Princess

We are stunned by @bellhenge's beautiful creations. What a perfect rendition of Zelda from Breath of the Wild and Bayonetta from Bayonetta 2

Access Key: Unavailable 😭

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Fan favorites

You can see the range of the Mii customization tools thank to @AbsoluteDamage's amazing designs.

Access Key: 72G7733

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Palico buddy

I couldn't get enough of my Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise. Now thanks to @saborseph, we can play with one in Miitopia.

Access Key: 232YVJV

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Pikachu's many faces

Few online things give me as much joy as seeing the surprised Pikachu face meme. Well done, @Rivers_reality!

Access Key: P2FJX6

I've got an Inkling

This Inkling creation by @Cutiefry64 looks almost like it belongs in the actual Splatoon game!

Access Key: 4K89CRH

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It's Steve!

I can't stress enough how much I love that winking Steve face. @ruddydud did an excellent job showing off his love of Minecraft.

Access Key: VYNR97

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Bite me

I can't get over the shading on @saborseph's Piranha Plant. What an awesome creation.

Access Key: 232YVJV

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The best puppet

Geno might not ever make it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a fighter, but thanks to @saborseph he can fight alongside you in Miitopia!

Access Key: 232YVJV

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Sexy Squidward

Many people attempted to make Sexy Squidward with the original 3DS version of Miitopia, but this one blows them all out of the water. I'm loving this, @PS1_Haggord.

Access Key: 6YJCP17

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Ready and Able

Nothing's quite as sweet as the Able Sisters from Animal Crossing. We can't get enough of @guywiththepie's creations.

Access Key: Unavailable 😭

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Sup Dawg

I gotta say @jinaxxo's creation pulled me back into the past with these sweet PaRappa the Rapper Miis.

Access Key: 6RMXDFK

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Hold on tight, The Cheat!

Seeing Strong Bad brought to life with such a perfect 3D figure has made my day. Look at @mitsamemario's work in all its majesty!

Access Key: 7W0XJ2H

Do a barrel roll!

The whole cast from StarFox has been beautifully created by @jwriston. Will your Miis play as Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, or all four?

Access Key: 49FWW1P

Ogres are like Onions

It definitely took several layers for @Karjaj2 to create this awesome Shrek and we absolutely love it.

Access Key: 10VWRPD

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I'm sorry Jon

Garfield is one of the most recognizable cats in the world and @stardraw123 did an excellent job bringing him to life in Miitopia.

Access Key: 88kkxn2

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Banjo and Kazooie

Few things make me happier than seeing this Bear and Bird duo. Look how great @Facts_About_BK's creations look!

Access Key: 6084P63

Picasso would be proud

This is by far one of the most impressive Mii creations we've seen so far. Awesome job creating Duchess, @The_123Gamer!

Access Key: 260XWNY

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What about Mii?

As time goes on more and more awesome Miitopia customizations will come to light. If we missed one that you particularly like, tell us about it in the comments below.

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