Best mounts for Mac mini iMore 2019

Your Mac mini looks fantastic on your desktop. However, you might want to use a computer mount instead to protect the device better (and also hide it), so you have more room in your work area. Below, find the computer fixture that's right for you and get to work!

Inexpensive, but gets the job done: HumanCentric Mac Mini Mount

With the HumanCentric mount, you can mount your new computer to the back of your monitor, on the wall, or under your desk. Featuring a sleek design that was custom molded to work with the Mac mini, the plastic mount will protect your computer from scratches. It ships with drywall screws, anchors, and VESA screws.

$17 at Amazon

Not just for Mac mini: Thin Client Mount

Able to support up to 11 pounds, this mount works with various computers, not just the Mac mini. Use as a dock on the back of your monitor or under your desktop. Beside's the Apple device, it works with most small CPUs, thin clients, USB 3.0 docking stations, and USB hubs. This is the one to get if you're looking a solution that will be usable for years to come, regardless of the type of computer you'll own.

$27+ at Amazon

Secure solution: Maclocks Mac Mini Security Mount Enclosure

Using the included security bracket, you can connect your Mac mini to any flat surface. Screw the mount into a wall, desk, monitor back, or the underside of a table. One the mount becomes secure, just slide in your computer and align the cables with the cable trap and connect the lock. This mount has room for USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports, and more.

$54 at Amazon

No nonsense approach: Sabrent Mac mini mount

This simple mount connects quickly and securely, allowing full access to the power button, output jacks, and cables. The silver powder coating protects your computer from scratches or other damage.

$10 at Amazon

Another practical choice: Innovelis TotalMount Pro

Offering easy installation with just a screwdriver, this product includes mounting hardware and two cable managers. The mount is metal-free to maximize Wi-Fi performance. There's also a safety bar and rubber dampers for added protection.

$35 at Apple

Whether your looking for a way to secure your investment or simply need to store your computer somewhere other than on your desk, these mounts are both practical and easy to install. Each is compatible with the 2018 Apple Mac mini.

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