Best docks for the 2023 Mac mini

The latest Mac mini is a very impressive machine. Being one of the cheapest ways to get Apple's line of M chips, it's a great compact, budget choice for anyone looking to do some work or play games. However, it does come with one flaw — it has no ports on the front, which can make working a little harder. However, the best Mac mini docks are capable of sitting right under it and giving extra ports, and some even come with the option to mount your own SSD or HDD. 

Luckily, there are so many good dock options out there right now, and one of the hardest decisions will be whittling it down to just one. That's what the iMore team is here for — we have counted up some of the best Mac mini docks out there. Before you pick one, it is worth mentioning that the newest Mac mini is a little bit bigger than the previous one so buying older docks may result in a slight size mismatch. Everything will work fine but this is worth bearing in mind if you like a clean aesthetic. We have picked a brand new dock here too though that should work perfectly. 

Best docks for Mac Mini 2023

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Quick List

Dock that Mac mini

If you've picked up a Mac mini recently, you'll notice that it doesn't have any ports on the front. There are plenty on the back, but those are a pain to get to when it's sitting on your desk, sometimes slightly out of arm's reach. One of these docks will make it a little easier to plug stuff in, as well as give you more ports.

The best in our minds on this list is the Satechi Dock. It's made of aluminum and has a cooling divet for the Mac mini to sit in. You'll get all the ports you could want, as well as a couple more on the back. You can even add storage with the SSD slot at the bottom. The feet will stop it from sliding around your desk as well, so everything is covered.

There are other docks for the best Macs as well. Maybe you want to find one of the best USB hubs for Mac, or even one of the best USB hubs for the MacBook Pro, so there's one that fits with your MacBook.


Can a Mac mini use a docking station?

Yes, it can — thanks to its USB-C ports, it can connect to any USB docking station that support Apple M-series chips. These docks are all designed with the Mac mini in mind, so they use design elements of the machine to work well on your desk and better blend in to your setup.

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