There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it's impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don't have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we'll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you!

Best new and updated apps

This week, watch some free TV on your iPhone with Dreams, create sound-filled musical GIFs with TuneMoji, and design collaboratively on the go with InVisions app for iPhone and iPad.

  • Dreams - This app puts a new spin on getting TV on your iPhone. The app delivers, for free, television programming straight to your phone. Watch cooking shows from the Food Netork, home improvement shows on HGTV, or financial news from Bloomberg. There's no login or sign up required, you just start watching. You can watch video vertically or horizontally, view the schedule of a channel's upcoming programs, and set reminders for shows you want to watch. Free - Download Now

  • TuneMoji - Have you ever wished that the GIFs you post came with sound? Well, that's what TuneMoji is all about. It lets you share music, meme, and move GIFs with sound in any app that supports the iOS share sheet. New TuneMojis are added every day. Recently, TuneMoji added features that let you create your own TuneMoji, as well as Apple Music discovery tools, which let you easily find a song from a TuneMoji on Apple Music. You can even add them to a specific TuneMoji playlist as you keep finding songs that you like. Free - Download Now

  • InVision - This is the official app for the InVision design platform, which lets you design on the go. Create your Prototypes, work present your Studio files, and collaborate with your team while you're away from your desk. The app lets you wireframe and create brainstorms with Freehand, and you can even force refresh your prototypes and access them offline if you need to. Free - Download Now

  • Sunset Micro Journal - This is a journaling app designed to help you capture your thoughts and the events of your day quickly. Just tap the + button and get to writing. Create sections and subsections based on your personal needs, write in bullet points, checklists, add happy and sad icons to indicate your mood about a particular entry, and lock your journals with Touch ID or Face ID. You can build custom journals with their own specific colors, as well as your own templates so that everything is exactly as you need it. You can use the app for free, but you can unlock pro features with a monthly subscription of $1.99, or a yearly subscription of $18.99. Free - Download Now

  • Jukely - If you love going to concerts, then you might want to take a look at Jukely. This subscription service lets you get into a one show every week for a single monthly price of $25. Get in to see your favorite bands and DJs, new acts, and meet people who love live music just as much as you do. The app offers up lists of upcoming shows in a rolling three-day window of that day, the day after, and the day after that. Just select the show you're interested in and claim your spot on the guest list. Then head to the venue, check in with the app, and you're all set. Free - Download Now

Featured apps

This week, we have a collection of augmented reality apps. AR is an exciting, emerging area of technology, and these apps use it to help visualize real objects, create fun experiences for kids, and educate.

  • IKEA Place - One of the first apps announced alongside the original incarnation of ARKit, IKEA Place lets you browse through IKEA's catalog of furniture and place virtual items in your actual living space. From a desk in your home office to a chair for your living room, you can get a good idea about how it will look once it's in your home using the augmented reality capabilities of this app. Scan an empty piece of floor, then place and rotate your desired product on it to see the realistic model appear. You can also share what you see using Messages or other social media apps. Free- Download Now

  • JigSpace - Take your learning experiments to the next level with JigSpace. With knowledge on a large breadth of topics, JigSpace uses AR to break down how things work, letting you deep into the Earth to see the makeup of our planet, to taking apart headphones to show all of the parts. Each object placed by JigSpace is fully interactive, letting you see parts up close. Soon, JigSpace will offer tools to let you create your own Jigs through the Jig Workshop, which you can then share with everyone through the app. Free - Download Now

  • TapMeasure - While Apple will introduce the Measure app to the world later this year with the launch of iOS 12, right now there are apps like TapMeasure. And even when Measure launches, TapMeasure will remain a better solution for AR measuring for a lot of people. While offering basic features such as measuring the distance between two points or measuring area, TapMeasure features a smart level to help you straighten things hanging on your wall, as well as the 3D Room Builder, which creates an instantaneous accurate 3D model of a room. You can then view this model on its own. TapMeasure also has features for geometric object recognition for objects like doors and windows, as well as quick outlining for creating simple outlines of objects on walls or the floor. Free - Download Now