If you're an avid consumer of the news, you know just how fast stories break, headlines change, and events happen. Keeping up with all the news is practically an impossible task because, in our 24-hour news cycle society, there's always a new story breaking.

Whether you want to stay up to date with current events on all topics or prefer news tailored to your specific interests, downloading a good news app (or several) will help you achieve your goals. Here are our favorite news apps for your iPhone and iPad.


One of the highest-rated news apps on the App Store, Flipboard curates news for you based on your interests.

With a wide variety of topics you can choose to follow, Flipboard can help you keep up with Canadian news, Star Wars, global markets, and even memes. Once you have set up all the topics you want to follow, Flipboard organizes them into a beautiful interface under the "For You" tab and allows you to flip through the headlines.

You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to share news from Flipboard with ease, and you can even follow accounts like SoundCloud, YouTube, The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, and more to get even more news from those sources. The explore tab will let you find new topics and publications that you may not have heard about, making it ideal when you want to read something new or different.

Pocket: Save Stories for Later

While Flipboard and other services will curate the news for you, Pocket allows you to be your own curator.

The whole premise of Pocket is you can collect stories that you want to read from practically anywhere using your iPhone or iPad's share function. When you get to an article, post, or any webpage you want to explore later, just tap the share button and select Pocket. When it's time to read all the pieces you want, they will all be in the Pocket app ready to go in a list, and you can read through them at your convenience.

You don't have to do all the heavy lifting if you don't want to, Pocket does have a recommended tab that allows you to follow different publications and journalists and will curate news for you based on the accounts you follow.

Google News & Weather

If you prefer a straightforward experience and design to your news or you're already heavily invested in Google's ecosystem, Google News & Weather could be the best news app for you.

Google will curate the news for you and regularly update throughout the day as more stories break. The headlines tab is separated into sections like world, business, entertainment, technology, sports, and more to give you quick access to the top stories in those categories.

The local tab allows Google to use your location (with your permission) to suggest stories that are closer to home and also give you a quick snapshot of the high and low temperature for the coming days. If you opt to connect your Google account to the app, the For You tab will be populated with stories based on what Google knows about you (which is always more than you think). For example, my "For You" tab often gets filled up with YouTube videos, comic book news, Nintendo-related content, and articles about the Winnipeg Jets.

Apollo Reddit Client

Reddit is one of my go-to places for news from a variety of different sources about a wide range of topics and Apollo is the best way to access Reddit on your iPhone or iPad!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reddit, it's divided into thousands of subreddits that act as a topic page; you can then subscribe to as many subreddits as you want. If you can think of it, chances are there is a subreddit dedicated to it.

What makes Apollo the best way to browse Reddit is the ability to perform tasks with gestures, specifically upvoting, downvoting, commenting, and saving.

Like everything else in the app, the gestures are kept simple — swiping left or right — and they allow you to browse Reddit at lightning fast speeds. If you come across a post you want to upvote, merely do a short swipe right on the post, and you'll be done. Want to downvote a comment? Easy! Just perform a long right swipe. Of course, you can choose to ignore the swiping gestures and use icons and buttons to accomplish the same task, but once you get used to the gestures, you'll realize just how quickly you can do everything.

BBC News

BBC News is a personal favorite app of mine because when it comes to international coverage — especially about events happening in the eastern part of the globe — I find the BBC coverage to be impeccable.

Personal tastes aside, the app offers a super smooth experience for browsing BBC's top stories on various topics like business, Middle East, politics and more. If you want an experience that's more tailored to your specific taste, the My News tab allows you to choose topics you want to follow or developing stories you want to keep a close eye on, and the app will only show you articles pertaining those selected interests or stories.

Of course, the BBC New app will only show you news they report, and I don't suggest anyone get all their news from only one source; however, BBC has a reputation for great reporting, and I appreciate their international coverage a lot. If you want a reliable app experience and quality coverage in lots of regions in the world, BBC News is worth a look.


If you're a fan of listening to the news rather than reading it (particularly if you're American), NPR One is a fantastic app for NPR programming.

If you're just looking for the top headlines of the hour, you can listen to short three-to-five minute clips from NPR's radio network. You can even choose from dozens of stations that NPR has around the country, so if you're on a business trip away from home, you can find a little comfort in a familiar voice.

Everyone knows that NPR has some amazing podcasts — the Pop Culture Happy Hour is a personal favorite — and you can find most of them on the NPR One app, meaning you can be listening to content all day long!

NPR One will even allow you to tag things as "interesting" and will tailor it's recommended news, soundbites, clips, and podcasts based on what you select as interesting.


Quartz's tagline is "News in a whole new way." And it's certainly has a unique approach when it comes to delivering headlines and stories from around the globe.

When you open up the Quartz app, you'll be greeted by an interface that looks a lot like the Messages app and Quartz will proceed to "text" you the news. These stories take shape in a variety of different ways; some are headlines that link to articles, while others are a series of short paragraphs that act as a quick synopsis of a news story. Quartz will even send you GIFs that correspond to the stories if you appreciate some visuals.

Quartz has some unique features that set it apart from the competition, like the ability to get news about the markets in the form of a Haiku or to snooze notifications about President Trump-related news for 24-hours if you're feeling unusually fatigued in that regard.

All in all, Quartz may not be for everybody, but I enjoy the app for it's whimsical approach to news and anything that challenges the status quo is welcome in my eyes.

Do you have a favorite news app?

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