Best note taking apps for iPhone

The iPhone comes with a built-in Notes app. It syncs with iCloud and has been slowly adding formatting options, if not features, over the years. It's still really basic, however, so if you need more from your notes, you're going to need to turn to the App Store. There you'll find a host of different note-taking apps, each with its own area of focus. Whether you need to take notes in class, in meetings, around the house, or while on the go, there's sure to be something there for you to like. Here some of the best iPhone apps available when it comes to note taking.

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1. Evernote

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Evernote

For cross-platformers

Evernote is available for almost every operating system and device imaginable and syncs seamlessly between all of them them. From text notes to reminders to image uploads, Evernote is versatile enough to cover almost every kind of note taking scenario imaginable.

2. Vesper

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Vesper

For the minimalist

Vesper is a simple but beautiful note taking app that's designed for quickly entering text, tagging it, and then sorting the text by the tags. Vesper currently syncs between multiple iPhones and a Mac app is in development.

3. Drafts

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Drafts

For text-shifters

Drafts is like a personal recorder for your notes. Enter text whenever it's convenient and then push it out to any service you like, including social networks and other apps, whenever you're ready.

4. Notability

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Notability

For the studious

Notability lets you write, record, and sketch all together in perfect harmony. If you're listening to lectures or presentations and you want to keep track of everything, you'll want to try Notability.

5. Awesome Note

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Awesome Note

For an all-in-oners

Awesome Note combines your notes with your calendars, todos, and reminders. It syncs with all those services as well, so you're always up to date.

6. Letterspace

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Letterspace

For the hashtaggers

Letterspace is a new kind of note app that lets you add not only hashtags, but mentions as well so you can easily find references when you need to.

7. Simplenote

Best note taking apps for iPhone: Simplenote

For no frills note taking

Simple Note lets you write down your text, make your lists, and sync it all between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Just like the name implies, Simple Note really is just that simple.

8. Microsoft OneNote

Best note taking apps for iPhone: OneNote

For the Office workers

OneNote brings Microsoft's Office note-taking about to your iPhone. If you like Evernote but you're all in with Microsoft, you'll want to check out OneNote.

9. Your favorite note taking app?

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