Best package tracking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Online shopping is a very convenient way to buy the things you want without having to leave the house. Some people even do all of their holiday shopping online, which can really make it difficult to remember which packages you've already received and which ones are still on the way. If you're looking for a way to make sure all of your orders make it to your front door on time, check out these awesome package tracking apps.


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Deliveries is my go-to app for tracking packages, especially around the holidays when I've got dozens of boxes shipping to me from all over the world. All you have to do is enter the tracking number and the order information will automatically populate. When you have a tracking number already on your iPhone or iPad's clipboard, it will automatically show up in the form when you add a package to track. If you sign into your Amazon account and add an order number, Deliveries will keep you updated on packages that haven't even shipped yet. When you allow Deliveries to access your Calendar app, estimated delivery dates will also appear as an event. There is also a Mac version available so you can keep track of your packages on all of your devices (including Apple Watch!).

Deliveries is an all-around awesome package tracking app for all of your online shopping activities.

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Parcel is awesome because it automatically pulls shipping information from your email; it's kind of like TripIt. If you receive an email from a retailer that your item has shipped and the tracking number is included, Parcel will sync with your email and update your list of tracked items. You can also manually input tracking numbers, which can be automatically populated if you have a tracking number on your clipboard. The free version only tracks three packages at a time, which is somewhat useless around the holidays. But, if you don't order a lot of stuff online all at once, Parcel works great within its limitations. If you want unlimited package tracking, as well as notifications, you can upgrade for $2.99 per year. There is also a free Mac version, so you can keep track of your packages on all of your devices (including Apple Watch).

If you rarely order more than three items online at any given time, grab Parcel. If you don't mind the subscription fee, the mail push feature is fantastic and makes the premium version worth the extra cost.

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Slice is more than just a package tracking app; it is also a money saver and spending tracker. When you connect your email account, it searches through your entire account for all of your purchases, not just upcoming ones, and shows you how much you've spent and saved in various categories. It continues to keep track of packages that have already been delivered and lets you know if there has been a recall on an item. It's amazing to see items you've purchased years ago (I don't even remember some of the stuff I ordered). If something on your past purchases list qualifies for a refund, Slice will let you know. It also features a barcode scanner so you can scan your outgoing packages and make sure there are no issues with delivering on time.

If keeping track of everything you spend is important to you, and you've been really good about keeping email receipts for online purchases, grab Slice and see what your spending habits are like.

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Your favorites?

Do you have a favorite app for tracking packages? What is it and why do you love it? Let us know in the comments below!

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