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We all take a lot of photos, whether it's with our iPhone or the best digital camera. But sometimes you'll want to put a group of photos together into one collage, which would be a great addition for a printed photo book or other online printing services. That's why you'll want one of the best photo collage apps for iPhone for the job, and these are some of our personal favorites.

Fair warning: most collage apps do very similar things. So, this list covers apps that do it in their own unique ways.


MoldivSource: iMore

Moldiv is more than just a collage app; it is also a photo editor. You can combine groups of up to 16 pics with more than 300 filter styles or 135 magazine layouts and use various editing tools for each picture. It comes with stickers, editable text overlays, and patterns for backgrounds. You can adjust the frame style by making it thicker, rounder, shadowed, and more.

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Moldiv is great for detailed collage creation. It is practically like having a real-life scrapbook on your iPhone, making it one of the best photo collage apps for iPhone for online printing services or photo books.

Moldiv Icon


Moldiv offers you a ton of options for collages. Combine up to 16 photos into a single collage with different filters and magazine layouts.

Layout from Instagram

Layout from InstagramSource: iMore

Layout is meant for Instagram. That's probably because Instagram makes it. You pick the photos you want to combine first, instead of picking a layout and then trying to fill it with photos. You can select up to nine pictures and then pick a layout and add a frame. You can resize photos in the frames, but you can't rotate them. You also can't edit them. It is formatted perfectly for Instagram, though, so you barely have to do any work to get your collage finished and published right away.

If your goal is to quickly create a collage on the fly to post on Instagram, you need Layout.

Layout Instagram Icon

Layout from Instagram

Layout is the perfect companion to Instagram. It lets you combine multiple photos into a single collage that is Instagram-ready.


DipticSource: iMore

Diptic has some unique and interesting layout templates that you can use to create collages with up to nine photos. In addition to classic layouts, you can use iconic shapes, like hearts, basketballs, and even the Seattle Space Needle. You can create miniature slideshow style collages with animated layouts, and Diptic lets you combine photos and videos on one collage.

If you like to think outside the layout box, check out what Diptic has to offer. I've had Diptic for years, and it's definitely one of the best photo collage apps for iPhone.

Diptic Icon


If you like to think outside the box with your photo collages, then Diptic gives you some fresh new options.

Collage Maker

Collage MakerSource: Apple

LiveCollage offers dozens of interesting and unique layout templates. You can combine up to 16 photos with one of the classic layouts or make special posters, pinboards, and 3D collages with just a choice few. You can adjust the frame width, curve the corners, and change background colors for any template. You can also add stickers from various themes, like holidays and sports, and add text to any location. The Stitch frames let you create photo booth style long collages.

For collages where the layout is just as important as the pictures, check out LiveCollage's posters and pinboards.

Collage Maker Icon

Collage Maker

Collage Maker gives you a ton of different layouts and templates, including 3D collages. Time to spice it up!

FrameMagic Lite

FrameMagic LiteSource: iMore

Want a collage, but don't feel like taking the time to put everything together meticulously? Don't worry; FrameMagic has your back. With FrameMagic, you can create amazing photo and video collages in just a few seconds with a single tap after you pick out your media. There are also over 150 different layout styles to choose from, including polygonal, blended modes, and even vertical stitches. And yes, FrameMagic also works with your videos, so you can truly create something that stands out from the crowd. A mix of photos and videos will create a magical memory that will turn heads once you post on social media, and it's a great way to remember those special moments.

The Lite version is like a full app sample, and you can buy features you want through in-app purchases.

Framemagic Lite Icon

FrameMagic Lite

FrameMagic automagically puts together a great photo collage for you, so you don't need to lift a finger! Just pick out your photos and voilá!

PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker

Photogrid Video Collage Maker ScreensSource: KS Mobile Inc.

PhotoGrid is one of the more popular collage making apps, and for good reason. Not only does PhotoGrid make collages with your photos, but it also works with video!

With PhotoGrid, you can combine both still images and video into a single collage and share it easily with your friends on social media. And if your video is too long, no worries! PhotoGrid has a video trimmer, so you can cut it down to a short-and-sweet length for the social media feeds without leaving the app. And if you're working with multiple videos in a collage, you can synchronize all of your clips so that they are aligned to the same moment in time. Since PhotoGrid is designed for sharing to social media, it has different ratios that you can work with, including Facebook cover, Apple Watch, A4, A3, and more. PhotoGrid also has over 300 different layout templates, custom tool options, watermark and text support, and more.

PhotoGrid is free to download and use, but you can get even more out of the app with a Premium Plan. This includes access to over 1000 elements, VideoGrids up to 1-minute in length, full HD VideoGrids, no ads, and more. Premium costs $30 a year, but there are also many in-app purchases for various packs.

Photogrid Video Collage Maker Icon

PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker

PhotoGrid has a ton of layout templates, and you can even create collages with video clips too.

Your favorite photo collage apps for iPhone?

What are your go-tos when it comes to the best photo collage apps for iPhone? Do you create collages to make it easier to print out multiple memories in one or fit more into a photo book? Share what you use in the comments below!

Updated October 2020: Added PhotoGrid. These are still the best photo collage apps for iPhone that we like to use.

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