Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad

Best photo collage apps
Best photo collage apps

Whether you're someone who's putting together a photo collage for a social media post, someone who's compiling images for a school or work project, or someone who just wants to make a special memory and collage for a loved one, there are a couple of apps out there that're ready to help you compile your images!

… But which are the best?

Here are the best possible photo collage apps out there for your iPhone and iPad!

Pic Collage

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Keep your collage in a set format or play around with some freestyle options with Pic Collage!

This free-to-download app doesn't just give you photo compilation options, it also allows you to add cute text, backgrounds, doodles, and more to your photo collage. You can also adjust the frame sizing depending if you're making a collage for your iPhone wallpaper, Instt pagram, etc.

The best part about Pic Collage is definitely the freestyle option, where you can pinch and adjust your images for a less structured, more creative way to adjust all of your photos.

The worst part about Pic Collage? If you want to remove that ugly watermark from the lower right corner, you're going to have to buy the full version for $1.99. Different add-ons, backgrounds, and accessories will also cost you between $1 and $2.


While the $2.99 price tag may seem daunting to some who kiiiiinda' think it's stupid to spend so much on a photo collage app, I can confidently say PicFrame is the most straightforward, quickest photo collage-making app I've ever used.

PicFrame allows you to choose from dozens of different photo layouts, from strips of images, to collages for 16+ photos, to everything in between.

The app offers creative editing tools like the ability to add in different patterned borders, text stickers, and so much more. You can even directly add filters to your images while you create your PicFrame collage.

The only downside to the app is you don't get a huge selection of template shapes and sizes (in fact, you only get the square option) without paying a little bit extra — for $2.99, you can download additional templates that'll let you tweak and have more creative control over border sizes, colors, text labels, and so much more.

Layout from Instagram

If you're looking for a truly free collage app that's simple to navigate and allows you to be creative effortlessly, then it's worth it to take a peek at Layout from Instagram!

This app works in-tandem with the ever-so-popular social media app, but it can also be used on its own to create and compile a variety of different collages. Simply upload your photos, pinch and adjust, figure out what goes where, and you're good to go!

This app is also really great if you want to quickly flip or mirror an image in your collage instead of having to go back into another photo editing app and messing around with it.

The best part about Layout from Instagram? The fact that it's 100% free. No IAP. No hidden filters or editing tools. Just pure free, collage-making goodness, bay-beeee.

Photo Grids

While not technically your traditional photo editing app, Photo Grids is the social media/creative timeline-creating app that will make your Instagram profile stand out amongst all the other noise online.

How does it work? Well Photo Grids gets you to take one image that you'd typically display in solo post and blow it up so that it spans 2-6. This means that when you look at someone's Instagram profile, the post appears across 2-6 squares rather than one idividual post.

While this posting technique isn't for everyone, it's worth keeping in mind if you're trying to promote your artwork, draw your attention to an opening or launch, or simply change the boring ol' pattern of single IG posts.

(But if you want to remove ads, that's going to cost you $1.99).

What are your top collage making apps?

Is there a particular collage app that you absolutely adore using? Maybe there's one I overlooked that you 100% know should be on this list?

Let me know what your top picks are in the comments below and I'll be sure to download 'em and play around!

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