Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: iPhoto, Moldiv, Pic Stitch, and more!

The best iPhone apps to help you turn all your memories into shareable photo collages, in digital format and in print!

Looking for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps to help you piece together photo collages and share them with your friends? Photo collages are a great way to showcase a special event or period in time without having to upload a million photos for people to tab through. There are lots of collage apps available that let you share your creations digitally, and even send them off for printing in photo books. But what photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad are the absolute best?


Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: iPhoto

iPhoto not only lets you organize and edit your photos, but gives you a good amount of options when it comes to presenting and sharing your photos. If you simply want to share on your iPhone or iPad, you can create a virtual slideshow that you can fire away anytime. For something a little more personal and shareable, web journals let you add effects, text, and tons more to your photos. Once you're done, you can share an iCloud link with anyone you'd like. If you want a keepsake album full of photo collages, you can create them in iCloud and then send them off for printing with just a few taps.

For a vast array of photo sharing options combined with great editing tools, look no further than iPhoto.


Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: Moldiv

Moldiv has some of the most unique and interesting collage layouts I've yet to find. Any shape you can image, you'll most likely find in Moldiv. Another unique aspect of Moldiv is the magazine style options for collecting and organizing your photos. Add text, change photo shapes and sizes, and much more. Once you're masterpiece is completed you can send it off to all your social networks or save it to your device in high resolution.

For interesting and unique layouts that lets you turn your photos into what feels like pages out of a magazine, get Moldiv.

Pic Stitch

Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: Picstitch

Pic Stitch comes with over 200 different layouts for you to frame your photos in. You can also choose between 15 different aspect ratios so you get the size that you need whether it's for sharing on Instagram or framing to hang in your living room. Speaking of printing, you can quickly and easily order prints right within Pic Stitch and pick them up at a Walgreens near you through QuickPrints.

For more frame options than you thought possible and quick printing options at any Walgreens near you, check out Pic Stitch.


Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: Flipagram

Flipagram aims to let you tell a story through your photos by turning them into a video. Easily import photos from your Facebook, Instagram, and Camera Roll. Next just choose the photos you'd like and add some text to your project. If you'd like, you can even add music. All that's left to do is share it. Flipagram also has presets for sharing to Instagram so your video is always the right length.

If you want to create photo collages and stories strictly to share on all things social, Flipagram gets the job done.


Best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad: Fuzel

Fuzel creates beautiful collages in mere seconds and is by far the quickest and most efficient app I've found. Just choose the photos you'd like and a layout and Fuzel can automatically place photos where it thinks they look the best. All that's left to do is add any effects you'd like and you're done. There are lots of decorating tools and enhancements available as well so you can make collages that are unique and different each time.

For quick and easy collage creation, you want Fuzel.

Your pick for best photo collage app for iPhone and iPad?

If you snap lots of photos on your iPhone or iPad, how do you create collages and albums on the go to share with friends and family? Do you use one of the above apps or something else? Be sure to let me know in the comments!