Best portable chargers for iPad Air 3 iMore 2019

Looking for a convenient and efficient portable charger for your iPad Air 3 (2019)? Here are a few that are bound to keep your battery life alive and thriving no matter where you are!

Small but mighty: Bonai Portable 3000mAh Power Bank

Staff pick

Plug in, charge, and start up your iPad Air (2019) in a snap with the highly rated Bonai Portable 3000mAh Power Bank. This high-speed power bank is small and easy to carry around from point A to point B, but is also able to quickly charge your iPad Air if your battery is draining. It comes in black, white, and mint color options.

$40 - $42 at Amazon

Charge, charge, charge your battery gently down the stream: ZMI Backup Battery & Hub

Keep your new iPad Air 3 charged and ready to roll at all times with some help from the ZMI Backup Battery & Hub. This particular portable charger that is designed with safeguards against overheating and battery overcharge, while the body of the charger itself comes with two USB-A output ports and USB-C input/output port. If there are any issues with it, an 18-month warranty has you covered.

$70 at Amazon

Killer tunes meets quick charging: 1ST PLAYER X-Sound Portable Stereo and Rechargeable Battery

Charge your iPad Air 3 while blasting some funky beats with some help from the 1ST PLAYER X-Sound Portable Stereo and Rechargeable Battery. This high power accessory allows you to blast clear audio up to 33 feet while the 5400mAh rechargeable battery charges up iPad Air's battery to full and functional. This product is perfect for someone who wants to bring the party on the road and hold a decent charge while doing so.

$46 at Amazon

Solar powered goodness: LastMinuteSolutions Solar Charger

With two charging options and some super positive reviews, this environmentally-friendly charger is ready to bring your iPad Air's battery back to life. The LastMinuteSolutions Solar Charger is designed with a 30000mAH battery, and the physical design is practical, too, with a flashlight and a hook on the back to easily clip it onto your bag or backpack. You can pick one up in blue/black and orange/black color combos.

$27 at Amazon

Travel n' charge: Ainope 20000mAh External Battery Pack

Travel like a pro and charge like a pro with this pro-looking, pro-chargin' Ainope 20000mAh External Battery Pack. It can charge your iPad Air 3 over 1.5 times and is small enough to store in your purse or back pocket. It even gives you the option to charge more than one device at once if need be. You can pick up this particular battery pack in black and white color options.

$35 at Amazon

Environmentally friendly powerhouse: BigBlue Solar Charger

Are you someone who likes to spend a lot of time in nature and wants to bring your iPad Air for a chance to capture the beauty around you? Then you need an environmental powerhouse of a charger like the BigBlue Solar Charger. It's perfect for campers, fishermen, and anyone else who likes to spend time outdoors. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and comes with four different hooks so you can hang your solar panels anywhere and everywhere you go.

$60 at Amazon

Whether you're on the market for a small but mighty portable charger like the Bonai Portable 3000mAh Power Bank, or want something more environmentally friendly like the LastMinuteSolutions Solar Charger, there are plenty of different portable chargers and memory banks available out there for your new iPad Air 3. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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