Best Portable Chargers for iPad Air 3 in 2020

Looking for a convenient and efficient portable charger for your iPad Air 3 (2019)? Look no further. We've put in the research, so you don't have to. Below is our selection of the best portable chargers and power banks to keep your battery life alive and thriving no matter where you are!

In Summary

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These are our picks for the best portable chargers on the market, according to thousands of confirmed buyers. Our favorite is the small but mighty Bonai Portable 3000mAh Power Bank (opens in new tab) because of its speedy charging power.

Others may prefer something more environmentally friendly like the GoerTek Solar Charger (opens in new tab); regardless, there are plenty of different portable chargers and power banks available out there for your new iPad Air 3. Now the time has come to make your decision and pick the best one to suit you. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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