Best Portable Chargers for iPad Mini 5 in 2020

Best portable chargers for iPad mini 5
Best portable chargers for iPad mini 5 (Image credit: Aukey)

The iPad Mini 5 is so compact and easy to tote around, you may use it as much as your smartphone. If its battery isn't holding up to all that extra usage, a portable charger will likely be the best solution to keep you and your iPad moving. Here are a few of the best iPad Mini 5 portable chargers that are bound to keep your tiny tablet alive and well on extended excursions.

Power the 'Pad

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When you're picking up a portable battery, you've got a lot to consider, such as how portable is the battery, how much charge it can offer, and whether or not it charges quickly. With all of these considerations, I'd pick the Aukey USB-C portable charger portable battery. It's the best iPad Mini 5 portable charger to get multiple charges, and it's thinner than most other larger-capacity batteries.

If you prefer to go solar, or if you just need a more robust charger with lots of power and versatility for multiple devices, the BigBlue 28W Solar Charger is the way to go. There's plenty of good options on this list to meet your individual needs.

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