Best Power Banks that Come in Colors

Keeping your gear charged while you're on the go can be tough, but do you know what's even worse? Having an ugly, dull-looking external battery that doesn't match any of your other cute accessories or your outfit for the day #thestruggleisreal.

Luckily for you, there are a number of multicolored power banks out there that are waiting to give you a charge — and a POP of color!

Here are the best rainbow-rific power banks out there!

Sethruki cute portable USB charger 10400mAh

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What do you get when you mix a boring ol' power bank with some fun and eye-catching designs and patterns? Well the Sethruki cute portable USB charger, of course!

This $28 power bank is not only super adorable, but it also packs quite a punch with it's large 10400mAh charging capacity. The Sethruki cute portable USB charger can charge an iPhone 6 around 4 times, while it's innovative design also gives you access to a micro USB input and a USB output.

The Sethruki cute portable USB charger is a small, portable power bank and measures out to be around 4 inches long, and if your multicolored battery needs charging, 6 different smart indicators let you know what's poppin', and if the bank isn't in use and you want to know the charge, all you need to do is give it a shake!

You can pick up the Sethruki cute portable USB charger in a variety of really cool, stylish, vibrant patterns, including a faded pink paint design, the modern flower and leaf design, the simple black heart and peach design, the pineapple design, and the galactic cat planet design.

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chEero power plus DANBOARD battery 10050mAh

Danboard is a popular character from a Japanese Manga and Anime called Yotsuba, and now his adorable, colorful little face can be used to charge all your gear on the go!

The chEero power plus DANBOARD battery 10050mAh is definitely one of the more eye-catching power banks out there with colors like baby blue, mustard yellow, soft pink, royal purple, and Yotsuba green (along with some more tame colors like brown and white).

This particular power bank gives you a crazy amount of charge for having such a cute facade, and can charge your iPhone up to three-and-a-half times if you're scared about running out of juice.

One neat thing about the chEero power plus DANBOARD battery is it's dedication to safety: this power bank is designed with built-in safeguards so your device doesn't overheat/overcharge, along with flame retardant materials, so you can charge not only swiftly, but safely.

You can pick up the chEero power plus DANBOARD battery 10050mAh for around $30, and with that you get the bank, a Micro-USB charging cable, and a matching carrying pouch.

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Tikeda lightweight mini unicorn Emoji power bank 2600mAh

Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn. (Plato, probably)

Having a regular power bank is great and everything, and having one that has some funky colors and designs is neat too, but you know what's even better than all of that? A power bank in the shape of a gosh darn unicorn.

The Tikeda lightweight mini unicorn Emoji power bank is a super lightweight, super small, and super colorful portable charger that has you and your devices' batteries covered from the base of your iPhone to the tip of the unicorns horn.

This power bank may be super duper small, but that doesn't mean it isn't mighty-ish with it's 2600mAh charging capability. Is this thing going to charge your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods over and over and over again? No. Will it save you when you're battery is rushing towards zero? Absolutely.

You can tame your very own unicorn for around $14 in colors like purple, pink, red, mint, blue, and yellow.

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Photojojo everyday power bank 10050mAh

What do you get when you mix bright, bold colors with a shiny metallic finish? Well the Photojojo everyday power bank 10050mAH, of course!

This power bank might not have a ton of color options, but the ones available are bright, flash, and in-your-face, and what more can you ask for out of a power bank? Besides it being able to, y'know, charge your dang tech.

The Photojojo everyday power bank will charge your smartphone at least 3 full times, while an aluminum shell protects the bank's battery from drops and falls and the terrors of the outside world.

Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge Technology means your battery charges twice as fast as wireless charging. Includes the cable you need to charge this guy up - it's nylon braided. v fancy. (Photojojo)

You can pick up your very own Photojojo everyday power bank in bright red and neon blue for $30, or if you want, you can pick up the Power Kit, which comes with a bag, the power bank, a Snuggle, and a charging cable for around $60.

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ROMOSS cute rabbit pocket-size power bank 6000mAh

Little Bunny Foo Foo, hopping through your battery life, pickin' up a charger and plugging it in because oh my GOD MY BATTERY IS AT LIKE 1% and the only thing that's going to save me is the ROMOSS cute rabbit pocket-size power bank AHHH.

This $14 power bank isn't just incredibly adorable, it's also smooth to the touch because it's made from a super soft, scratch-resistant silicone rubber and let's you know about its battery life thanks to smart indicator LED lights, and also gives you a whopping 6000mAh charging capacity.

With the ROMOSS cute rabbit pocket-size power bank, you get a micro USB cable to charge the power bank, along with a 12-month warranty just in case anything goes wrong with your little Bunny Foo Foo charger.

The only downside to this power bank? Despite how colorful and cute it is, there are only two color options: bright purple and neon coral.

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e-life echo colorful poop external battery 2600mAH

A rainbow is great and everything, but you know what would make it even better? A rainbow in the shape of the poop Emoji.

No, I'm not going crazy and no, I'm not making it up that someone designed a functioning power bank like the e-life echo colorful poop external battery, and no, I'm not saying all power banks should be poop-shaped and rainbow colored, but why the heck nawt, y'know?

The e-life echo colorful poop external battery is a lightweight, portable power bank that can easily charge your smartphone, cameras, headphone, video game controllers, and most USB-powered devices.

If you're someone who's been guilty of leaving someone on and letting the power drain without knowing it (me), the e-life echo colorful poop external battery has you covered with it's automatic dormancy feature to prevent power loss, while its over-charge protection saves your battery from over-heating.

You can pick up your very own rainbow poop Emoji charger for around $15. Is it the most stylish power bank? HELL no. Will it turn heads and start a conversation or four? Totally.

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How do you add a li'l color to your charge?

Are you someone who likes to spice it up with more colorful accessories and power banks? Or do you prefer standard colors like gray, black, white, and gold?

Let me know what your top colorful accessories are in the comments below and I'll be sure to check them out ASAP!

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