Best racetrack obstacles for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit iMore 2022

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brings the fun of one of the best Nintendo Switch games into our homes with augmented reality. Half the enjoyment of this new playing experience is spending time creating a track with plenty of loops, obstacles, and diverging paths. Fortunately, you don't have to purchase a lot of fancy props in order to make a good track — unless you want to. Here are the best Mario Kart Live racetrack obstacles.

Hefty Party Cups

Win the cup: Hefty Party cups

Staff Pick

When it comes to cheap track props, you really can't go wrong with a 100-count bag of party cups. The four different colors add some fun to the course and when you're done, you can stack them right back in the bag to use again later.

Soccer Cones

Splash of color: Soccer Cone Set

Outlining your tracks with these colorful cones makes it easy to tell where your karts should go and adds a vibrant flare to your races. Since they're stackable, they're really easy to clean up afterward.

$19 at Amazon
Melissa And Doug Wood Blocks

Ramps and tunnels: Melissa & Doug Wood Blocks

You're not supposed to make steep ramps or drops with Mario Kart Live as this can damage the karts. However, by placing some of these blocks next to each other, you can create some gentle inclines and pathways for your track.

Sidewalk Chalk

Draw your track: Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk (20 count)

You really shouldn't use the Mario Kart Live karts outside unless you're strictly sticking to cleared driveways and sidewalks, otherwise they can get damaged. However, as long as you follow those rules, it can be fun to draw a track with chalk and see how well you and your friends can stay in the lines.

$13 at Amazon
Checkered Pennants And Flag

On your mark: Checkered Pennants and Flags

Looking for more of a traditional racetrack look? This set of checkered pennants and racing flags is sure to spruce up any boring old track.

$10 at Amazon
Prosource Kids Foam Mat

Hardfloor racing area: ProSource Kids Foam Mat

Make your tracks a little more interesting by building tunnels out of these colorful foam play mats. They fit together like puzzle pieces and come in a pack of 16. Plus, if you don't have a good hard floor area to race, these can get put down on your carpet to create a safe racing space.

$15 at Amazon
Super Mario Multipack

On the level: Super Mario Multipack

Add a little more Mushroom Kingdom flare to your races with these fun characters. You can place them on the sidelines or even put them on the track and use them as obstacles to dodge around.

$20 at Amazon
Bowser Toy

Koopa King: Bowser Solid Pack

Mario's nemesis makes for a great themed prop for your Mario Kart Live races. He's a bit on the expensive side. But if you're already a fan of this franchise, he'll be a fun toy to add to your collection.

$25 at Amazon

Mario Kart Live racetrack obstacles

Half of the fun with playing Mario Kart Live on Nintendo Switch is creating the track you're going to race on. Thankfully, it's really easy to grab some inexpensive items to outline your track with.

The very best thing I recommend is the Hefty Party Cups there are 100 in a bag, which gives you plenty of space to work with. Plus, when you're done playing, you can stack those cups right back into the bag so they're cleaned up and ready for next time.

Adding a fun touch of checkered flags throughout the track is always a good idea. That's why this set of Checkered Pennants and Flags works beautifully with any track.

Finally, if you're willing to spend a little more money, it's fun putting Mario characters on and around the track. I highly recommend this Super Mario Multipack as it gives you multiple characters and brings more Mushroom Kingdom elements to the course.

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