Moves was a great activity tracking app, but unfortunately, it has shut down. The good news is there are many great activity tracking apps out there that can keep you on focused on your goals in the absence of Moves. Here are my top picks to replace Moves.


If you have an Apple Watch, then using Activity is a no-brainer because it does a great job of tracking how much you move around on a daily basis.

Activity is all about movement, and the three rings that you are trying to close each day — Stand, Exercise, and Move — are meant to help you suss out how much you get moving in a day. If you forget to move around, don't worry, the Activity will remind you every hour to stand up and move around.

Of course, Activity is Apple software meaning it integrates perfectly with other Apple apps, like Health and Workouts, to give you a wide variety of exercises and health information all from the comfort of your wrist or phone.


Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: RunKeeper

RunKeeper is mainly for tracking workouts, not general steps and distance. Workouts can be anything from walking to running to cycling to even mountain climbing. It's a perfect app for runners that are training for marathons since it can track your pace. The paid Broadcast feature even lets others view live maps of your workouts as they happen. RunKeeper also ties in with many other sensors, accessories, and apps.

If you don't much care about general purpose tracking and strictly want to log workouts and training sessions, RunKeeper is what you want

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Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Argus

Argus is a combination of both a daily step counter and a workout monitor. Not only can you log workouts, but Argus logs your daily steps and lets you set goals for yourself. You can also configure the icon badge to show your current number of steps. There's also a sleep tracker built right in so you can monitor your sleep cycles, no wristband or accessory needed.

If you want versatility combined with general purpose activity monitoring, get Argus.

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Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Pedometer++

Pedometer++ is one of the most basic step counters you'll find available in the App Store and is built around the motion processor of the iPhone. There are no frills or add-ons. It's literally a pedometer and no more. You get an overview of how many steps you've taken in the past seven days, a look at your progress for today, and a list view of past days. Like Argus, you can also set the badge icon to show your current step count.

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Runtastic PRO

Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Runtastic Pro

Runtastic PRO is very similar to RunKeeper but has some key differences. Custom workout mixes available with Runtastic PRO are specifically designed to keep your motivation up. The voice coach also motivates you at each mile or kilometer you manage to tackle. As for measurements, Runtastic PRO measures elevation, pace, speed, heart rate, and other metrics. There's also a unique story mode that lets you listen to motivational stories as you run for an additional in-app purchase.

If you need some help getting and staying motivated during your workouts, check out Runtastic PRO.

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Your picks?

What's your go-to activity tracker now that Moves is gone? Let us know in the comments down below!

Updated August 2018: Refreshed our list of favorite activity trackers to fill the void left by Moves.




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