Best running apps

When you think of "exercise," running is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. A great running app can help you keep track of every run, tell you how well you did, and help you meet your goals.

Here are our favorite running apps to help keep you on the right track (DO YOU GET IT?!) to fitness.


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Strava is number one on Wareable's list of best running apps and it was the first one to come to mind when I started writing this piece. My wife has been using the app for three or four years now and always makes sure that it's among the first apps she downloads when she gets a new phone.

Strava gives you all the key statistics that paint a total picture of your run and how you can improve and advance toward your goals. You get pace, distance, speed, calories burned, and much more. Plus, the handy Apple Watch app lets you keep track on the fly without having to pull out your phone.

The user interface is simple, easy-to-use, and exactly what you need without superfluous graphics or distracting elements. You don't have to run alone — you can follow and be followed by friends, sending words of encouragement and joining challenges.


Similar to Strava, Runkeeper is an app that helps you become a part of the running community. It tracks your run via GPS, and you can then share your progress, routes, and more via your favorite social networks.

Runkeeper also has an Apple Watch app that lets you leave your iPhone at home and still tracks stats, syncing things up upon your return.

Zombies, Run!

For some folks, that "runner's high" is a g-darn myth, so they need a little more motivation. Zombies, Run! is a sort of game and audio adventure rolled into one with one goal in mind: get you running. You start up the app, get to running, get a little ways and (headphones in, of course) you'll start to hear the distant moaning and groaning of the undead.

The app combines its own audio drama with your music to offer a truly immersive apocalyptic experience, where you run and collect supplies to grow your home base. There are a bunch of missions (first four are free and then you unlock one every week), and the continuing story helps keep you motivated.

If you want runs to be terrifyingly fun, then check this one out; App Advice loves it too!


MapMyRun, by Under Armour, is exactly what it sounds like: It maps your run via your iPhone's GPS to give you a clear picture of your route and stats, and lets you share them via social media. After every run, you'll get an in-depth look at your performance and ways to get better and achieve your fitness goals.

You can sync your data with the free Apple Watch app or any other fitness wearables you have, like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, and many, many more. You can join challenges to stay accountable, and this app works with Under Armour's MyFitnessPal, which shows you how your run is affecting your caloric intake and dietary needs.

Charity Miles

If zombies aren't enough motivation for you, then try running for a good cause. You don't have to get a bunch of people to pledge; you just have to download the app and run, walk, or bike. The app tracks your distance and donates money to the charity of your choice, based on your distance.

You can join up with friends on the app and share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter, challenging others to run farther. Charity Miles presently works with 31 charities that cover all the bases, like the World Wildlife Fund, Alzheimer's Association, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, (RED), and more.

If it keeps you running

What's your favorite running app? What's a must-have feature for you? Sound off in the comments below!

Mick Symons

Mick is a staff writer who's as frugal as they come, so he always does extensive research (much to the exhaustion of his wife) before making a purchase. If it's not worth the price, Mick ain't buying.