Best sleeves for iPad mini 6 iMore 2021

The iPad mini 6 (2021 model) is more than cute; it's a powerful slab of tech in a small package. You'll want to protect your investment with one of the best cases for your iPad mini 6. For some people, the best case option is a sleeve. Here are some of the best sleeves for iPad mini 6.

Moko Ipad Mini Sleeve Render Cropped

Colorful lineup: MoKo 7-8 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag

Staff Pick

This simple zippered sleeve has a durable polyester exterior and plush, fluffy inner lining to protect your iPad mini 6 from bumps and scratches. Choose from a variety of color options.

From $10 at Amazon
Kizuna Tablet Case Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Nice pocket: Kizuna 8-inch Tablet Sleeve Case

An extra pocket on the front holds small items in addition to your iPad mini 6 in the main compartment. This case has a waterproof coating, shock-absorbing foam, and a soft fluffy interior for maximum protection.

$13 at Amazon
Tomtoc Tablet Sleeve Bag Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Funky print: tomtoc 8.3-inch- Tablet Sleeve Bag for iPad mini 6

Add a splash of whimsy to your iPad mini 6 with this fun sleeve. The lightweight sleeve is lined with softness, has a splash-proof exterior, and contains plenty of padding in between. Two exterior pockets hold your small essentials.

$9 at Amazon
Timovo Tablet Sleeve Case Ipad Mini 6 Render Cropped

Carry it all: TiMOVO 8-9-inch Tablet Sleeve Case for iPad mini 6

Carry your iPad mini 6 and lots more in this well-designed case. The water-repellent exterior and soft fluffy interior keep your iPad safe inside. The outer compartment is further divided into several other compartments to keep all of your essential items organized.

From $17 at Amazon
Herschel Anchor Sleeve For Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Cool brand: Herschel Anchor Sleeve for iPad mini

You can find Herschel products in hip and high-end brick-and-mortar stores. This sleeve has the signature Herschel look and label. The sleeve is nicely padded and lined to protect your iPad mini 6.

Lacdo Ipad Mini 6 Sleeve Render Cropped

Water repellent: Lacdo iPad mini 6 Sleeve

With a water-repellent exterior and soft, velvety buffer bubble interior, your iPad mini 6 is protected on all fronts. The zippered exterior pocket holds some small items unobtrusively. Choose from several neutral color options.

$11 at Amazon
Insignia Universal Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Any device: Insignia Universal Sleeve for Most Tablets Up to 8"

This basic black nylon general-use tablet sleeve will do the job of protecting your iPad mini. A second zippered compartment on the outside will hold a few small additional items as well.

$13 at Best Buy
Moko Felt Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Envelope style: MoKo Felt Tablet Sleeve for iPad mini 6

The classy foldover envelope-style sleeve is made from felt for a unique aesthetic. Under the flap is a hidden pocket for storing small valuables. Choose from the Dark Gray shown here or Light Gray.

From $10 at Amazon
Waterfield Hip Sling Bag Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Professional hip bag: Waterfield Hip Sling Bag

This high-end sling bag can be worn across the body or around your waist. The compact version of this bag holds your iPad mini plus plenty more inside. Choose from several colorways made with different materials.

From $169 at Amazon
Vangoddy Universal Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Bold colors: Vangoddy Universal 7 to 8 inch Tablet Sleeve

Choose from a variety of bold colorways for this universal faux leather tablet sleeve. The padded main compartment fits your iPad mini 6, plus several other interior pockets hold your headphones, chargers, or other small items.

$15 at Amazon
Mujjo Ipad Mini Envelope Sleeve Render Cropped

Elegant style: Mujjo iPad mini Envelope Sleeve

This beauty is crafted out of felt and premium vegetable-tanned leather. It fits all generations of iPad mini. Choose from two colorways; both are made of gray felt, but you can choose your leather accent color: Tan or Black.

$30 at Mujjo
Happylive Shopping Universal Tablet Sleeve Ipad Mini Render Cropped

Colorful designs: Happylive Shopping Universal 7-9 Inch Tablet Sleeve

This simple sleeve has a handle for easy carrying and is machine washable. The neoprene fabric has a bit of water resistance rendering it splashproof. Choose from several vivid, colorful designs.

$9 at Amazon

Which is the best sleeve for your iPad mini 6?

The small form factor of the iPad mini 6 makes it so easy and fun to carry with you everywhere you go. You'll definitely want to protect it, whether you use a standard case, a sleeve, or both. Many of the sleeves in this roundup will also accommodate your iPad mini 6 within a regular case, particularly if the case is on the slimmer side. Most sleeves that work for earlier iPad mini models will also work for the iPad mini 6, as will most universal sleeves that fit other 8-inch tablets and e-readers.

I like the MoKo 7-8 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag since it's so nicely priced and comes in lots of colors. It's got that tough polyester exterior and soft, fluffy interior to cradle your iPad mini 6 and keep it protected when you're on the go.

I'm a big fan of Heschel products, so I'd also recommend the Herschel Anchor Sleeve for iPad mini. Herschel products are lightweight and durable. The brand is cool without being overly expensive.

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