Best keyboards for iPad mini 6 in 2024: tiny typing

You're the proud owner of the compact powerhouse, iPad mini 6 and loving how speedy it is for the size. While technically you can use any keyboard with your mini 6, you don't want some big and bulky keyboard that takes away the diminutive iPad mini 6's portability advantage. We've rounded up some mini keyboards sized just for the littlest tablet as well as some full-sized (but streamlined) keyboards. 

Here are the best keyboards for the iPad mini 6 that are sure to make you more productive on the move. You can even use them with other devices like your iPhone 15 Pro too. If you haven't bought an iPad mini 6 yet, consider checking out the latest iPad mini 7 rumors to see what to do.

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Which of the best keyboards for iPad mini 6 should you choose?

The iPad mini 6 is great on its own, but if you do a lot of typing, you can boost your productivity with a keyboard. Any of the best wireless keyboards will work, but since you chose a smaller iPad, you'd probably prefer a smaller or more streamlined keyboard to keep the iPad mini ultra-portable.

I actually prefer keyboards that work with a variety of devices, as opposed to being tied to a single device. The Logitech Keys-to-Go is a classic keyboard that you can use with your iPad mini 6 and plenty of other devices, including iPads that you may buy in the future such as the iPad Pro (2022).

If you prefer a keyboard (and possibly a case) specifically for the iPad mini 6, the BORIYUAN iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case gives you the best of both worlds. It is a keyboard case, but the keyboard can be removed if you want to use the case without a keyboard or vice versa.

You can't go wrong with any of the keyboards on this list. Just don't forget an iPad mini 6 case and screen protector so your device remains free from damage.

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