Best Stands for Apple HomePod iMore 2019

The HomePod, a smart speaker from Apple that works with Apple Music and AirPlay, is pretty great on its own. However, you may find yourself in need of a stand if you want to protect a table surface, attach your HomePod to the wall, or dampen the HomePod's vibrations so it doesn't move around. Here are some of the best stands for your Apple HomePod.

Simple coaster: LANMU HomePod Stand

This is basically just an inexpensive silicone coaster, and that may be all you need to absorb some of the HomePod's vibrations and protect your table surface. It does also come with a screen protector film for the top of the HomePod. Choose from Black or White.

$11 at Amazon

Aluminum coaster: KIWI HomePod Stand

Slightly more upscale than silicone, this aluminum alloy coaster-style stand is simple and elegant. It absorbs vibrations and protects the table surface. Choose from Black or White.

$20 at Amazon

Three in one: BBOES HomePod Docking Station

This cleverly designed Z-shaped docking station is more than just a stand for your HomePod. It's also a charging station for your Apple Watch and a wireless Qi charger for your smartphone, whether you have anything newer than an iPhone 8 or something else.

$110 at Amazon

Wall mounted: VORI HomePod Stand

Wall mount your HomePod with this aluminum alloy stand. The design is simple but it's customized specifically for HomePod. A ring around the middle holds your HomePod securely in place on the stand.

$27 at Amazon

Damping pad: DaMai HomePod Stand

This one works with several different smart speaker brands, and it's specifically designed for reducing vibration and increasing stability. Choose from Black or White.

$30 at Amazon

Sideways option: WAWAHA HomePod Stand

If you want to display your HomePod in an unusual way, check out this sideways stand. A stable, vibration-dampening base and a bracket that grasps your HomePod about the middle is the entirety of this simple design. It also comes in a more traditional upright version if that's your preference.

$26 at Amazon

Cover and pad: LuckyNV HomePod Cover with Anti-Slip Pad

This is really just a thin anti-slip pad — not exactly a stand — but most of what you're paying for here is the complete neoprene cover for the HomePod. The pad will protect your table surface and the cover keeps dust out of your HomePod.

$13 at Amazon

Whatever style of stand you prefer, there is something for everyone on this list. Personally, I'd go for the BBOES HomePod Docking Station. I love a multi-tasker, and as an iPhone and Apple Watch owner, this fits the bill.

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