Best task management and note taking apps that you can use with Siri

With Siri's expansion into third-party app functionality thanks to SiriKit, you now have a new way to use your favorite apps, and you're not just limited to what's baked into iOS. If your life is governed by your smartphone and you prefer to take notes on it and create to-do lists, Siri can now help you out with those types of apps so that you don't even need to pick up your iPhone.

Here are the best third-party task management and note taking apps that work with Siri.

Task management

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OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus is likely one of the most in-depth task management apps you'll ever use, with features that are catered more toward the business crowd. You can manage a project's tasks and compartmentalize everything that needs to be done. It can definitely do grocery lists and a list of chores, but with some pretty expensive subscription options ($20 and up), you'll want to make sure you're getting your money's worth out of this one (you only get a two-week free trial).

You can sync OmniFocus across your devices; create flexible file hierarchies with as many folder levels as you please; receive notifications for upcoming due dates; search for anything and everything you might have in there; and much, much, much more. Oh yeah, and you can read, add tasks, and more with Siri.

  • Free to download, subscriptions after two-week trial - Download now

Things 3

Things 3 is a 2017 Apple Design Award winner because it's an extremely well-laid-out app with a pleasant and easy-to-use interface that makes creating to-do lists a delight. You can ask Siri to help set reminders and you can even import straight from the Reminders app. You can view your calendar events as you go in order to make planning easier, and you can view your previous to-do lists for recurring tasks.

If you're looking for a very simple, uncluttered to-do app that just lets you focus on the task at hand, then Things 3 is perfect for you.





Todoist is the task management app of choice for tons of people because it supports many languages and now has Siri integration! You can manage your to-do lists by setting dates and creating shared projects so that you can rest easy knowing everyone else knows what needs to be done.

The fun part of organizing your tasks comes with hashtags. Using Siri, you can say something like "Get pickles tomorrow at 7 p.m. #groceries" and it'll be added to your "groceries" project. If you like to compartmentalize and get all of your reminders out of your head quickly, then Todoist is your app. It's free for life, or you can upgrade to premium for $28.99 a year, which offers more features and a more robust experience.

Todo Cloud

Todo Cloud is perfect for tech-savvy families who like a little structure in their lives. Using Siri, you can create and schedule to-dos, and since it's all cloud-based, you can collaborate on lists and projects with anyone. You can also access your to-dos from any device, anywhere.

You can customize reminders by day, time, and place so that you never forget anything you need to buy or get done, and family members can do the same so that every task doesn't fall on your shoulders! Todo Cloud is free to use, but you can upgrade to premium for $2 a month or $20 a year in order to enjoy some more advanced features.

Note taking





Evernote is a robust note taking app that lets you create, update, and find note using Siri. You can also sync across all of your devices so that you have access to your ideas no matter where you are. You can share notes, annotate images, and collaborate on notes so that you can be as productive as possible. If you just need a note taker, Evernote's perfect for that. If you need a robust note taking/presentation making/word processing app for business or school, then Evernote is perfect too. It may not have all the feature PowerPoint or Word have, but it'll certainly get you started.

Evernote is free to use, but you can purchase various levels of storage so that you can upload more, use it on an unlimited number of devices, access your notebooks offline, and much more.


Notebook is a pretty app that lets you create more than just notes; you can basically use it like a personal diary. You can start off with text notes, but you can then add images and drawings, checklists, and even audio, all in the same note (it works with Apple Pencil!). With Siri, you can dictate text and checklist notes, and you can search for photo notes so that you don't have to scroll through everything you've ever created in the app.

Notebook is also fully updated for iOS 11, so you can use the Drag and Drop feature to keep up with productivity. You can even record audio notes on your Apple Watch!

If you're looking for a beautiful note taking app that lets you add your own personal flair to every note, then definitely check out Notebook. It's totally free.

Your favorites?

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