Best Twitter apps to grab now before Twitter closes their doors

Twitter has announced user token limits for 3rd party Twitter apps which means that, one day, they'll no longer be able to accept new users. It won't be today, or tomorrow, or perhaps even for a year or more. But it will happen, and if Twitter changes things again, it could happen sooner rather than later.

So to get in and get your tokens now, and to support the developers who have devoted their time, money, sweat, tears, and blood into making better experiences than Twitter themselves were willing to or were capable of, grab one these apps now. If you want some real fun, grab all of them.


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Twitterrific by the Iconfactory was the very first Twitter application for the iPhone, even predating Apple's official App Store. It was also the first Twitter client for the iPad, and has had a Mac client for as long as anybody. It is full-featured and award-winning, with a beautiful and intuitive interface that's especially well suited to anyone who is new to Twitter or simply wants to enjoy Twitter as a reading experience.

Unlike other Twitter apps, Twitterrific provides a unified timeline so you can see everything all at once -- the tweets of the people you follow, your @mentions, and your Direct Messages (DMs), all tastefully color-coded and presented for your chronological reading pleasure.

Twitterrific is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, and there's separate app for the Mac as well.


Tweetbot by Tapbots is it a beauty. At A touch, a tweet slides up revealing a navigation bar while simultaneous emitting the perfect sound. Swiping a tweet to right reveals the conversation and swiping to left displays related tweets. Smart gestures, multiple timelines, and customizable navigation are all there, as are a huge array of features wrapped in a phenomenal user experience.

Tweetbot isn’t an app you use, it’s one you interact with. Everything has an animation, a sound, a flourish. And true to Tapbots’ style, the sounds are subtle and pleasant – enriching the experience. For those who are suckers for design and innovation Tweetbot will rock your world.

Tweetbot isn't a universal app, but is available for both iPhone and iPad. There's a separate Mac version available as a free public alpha as well.

Twittelator Neue

Twittelator Neue is pure eye candy. There's a new wave of apps that are trying out new layering effects and physics, new animations and interactions. Twittelator Neue, like Path, is one of those leading the way. This is not Apple's Twitter client. It's not flat and utilitarian like Mail or overly skeumorphic like Find my Friends. It's glossy, it's polished, it's fresh, and it's refreshing.

Twittelator Neue doesn't have the functionality of some other apps. It picks and chooses its battles carefully. But what it does, Twittelator Neue does beautifully.

iPhone only.

Other Twitter apps

For even more Twitter apps, including Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Osfoora, Tweetings, Tweetlist, Tweetlogix, and Echofone, check out:

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