Best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro 2023

MacBooks are notorious for a severe lack of ports. Although a few ports have come back in the most recent 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, most older generations are sadly lacking in ports. If the dongle situation is getting ridiculous, it's probably time to invest in an all-in-one dongle, a.k.a a hub or dock. 

There are plenty of hubs to choose from, but anyone with a newer Mac will need a USB-C hub for the best performance. HDMI ports are also a nice touch, as well as several USB-A ports for compatibility with older accessories. The following collection features all of the above in the best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro.

The best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro to upgrade your connections 

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Best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs: Which one is right for you?

We were happy to see that Apple added more ports to the MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/Max, 2021), but the newer MacBook Pro with M2 chip (2022) still has just the two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. You'll need a lot more than that to enjoy all those essential MacBook Pro accessories. For professionals who need the best of the best to do advanced graphics work or high-speed data transfers, you'll want a Thunderbolt port like the Belkin CONNECT Pro. This one has all the power you need to power multiple monitors, as well as plenty of other ports like HDMI and SD card slots. 

For the most ports possible in one gadget, check out the TOTU 11-in-1 that allows you to connect up to six USB devices at once. Before choosing a hub, consider the tasks you will be using it for. A pricey Thunderbolt hub might not be necessary if you're just doing photo transfers, for example. Check the specs of each one and decide based on your own everyday needs. 

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