Best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro 2023

Picking up one of the best USB-C hubs on the market is vital if you want to boost your productivity — especially if you're looking to pair it with a laptop that's lacking in ports and input options.

Apple's MacBook Pro designs have slowly been improving when it comes to available ports, but devices like the MacBook Pro 13-inch M2 are still lacking in I/O, while previous generations have really suffered from a dearth of port options. Even the latest Apple computers are missing some still-handy ports, like full-size USB and DisplayPort plugs.

You can fix that with an external USB-C hub, which plugs into a USB-C port on your machine and splits and converts it into all manner of differing port options. Such hubs usually offer HDMI ports and SD card readers, as well as several USB-A ports so you get great compatibility with older accessories and devices. Most are  lightweight and portable too, so you can easily throw the hub into your bag when moving between locations. Below, we've picked out the best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro users.

The best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro to upgrade your connections 

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Best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs: Which one is right for you?

We were delighted to see that Apple added more ports to the MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/Max, 2021), but since then, things haven't progressed enough for our liking. The entry-level MacBook Pro with M2 chip (2022) still has just the two USB-C ports, for instance, and a headphone jack which is rarely enough for most people. 

To enjoy all the essential MacBook Pro accessories, you need more than that. If you're a professional who needs high-speed data transfer rates such as for advanced graphics work, you want a Thunderbolt option like the Belkin CONNECT Pro. This one has all the power you need to power multiple monitors, as well as plenty of other ports like HDMI and SD card slots. 

However, if quantity is everything, check out the TOTU 11-in-1 with its ability to connect up to six USB devices at once. Before you choose a hub, think about the tasks you need to use it for. A pricey Thunderbolt hub might be a worthwhile investment if you're regularly transferring photos but other people may fare well with a cheaper alternative.

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