Best MacBook Pro accessories 2022

The MacBook Pro is Apple's signature laptop. Available in three sizes, the MacBook Pro is even better when matched with accessories. Whether you're looking for external hard drives, cables, cases, and more, the following are the best MacBook Pro accessories on the market today. Use them with your 13-inch MacBook Pro (2022) or 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021).

Accessories can take your MacBook Pro to the next level

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You likely don't need every accessory on this list, but a few key accessories allow you to work harder, play longer, and use your MacBook Pro to its fullest potential all the time. Just remember that the best MacBook Pro accessories are the ones that fit into your life and make it easier to do the things you do every day.

Take the Satechi Multi-Port Adapter as an example. This USB-C hub ensures you don't need to buy many other dongles to use your MacBook Pro with all your favorite and most used peripherals. In addition, it only uses one of the three Thunderbolt 4 ports featured on the latest MacBook Pro, which means you can still use your other ports for charging.

The MacBook Pro is portable, and getting a high-quality laptop bag, like the Waterfield Tuck Backpack, can make carrying your MacBook Pro, all your accessories, and even some smaller items everywhere with you. In addition, this bag will last you a long time, and it protects your MacBook Pro from a light drizzle, so you don't have to fear the rain.