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While the 2019 iPad Air 3 is a totally different form factor from the iPad Air 2, it's actually the same size and shape as the 2018 iPad Pro (10.5-inch). There are some slight differences: the iPad Air 3 has a smaller camera and fewer speakers. But even with these differences, an 2018 iPad Pro (10.5-inch) case will still fit the 2019 iPad Air 3. Here are some of the best iPad Air 3 waterproof cases.

XBK Waterproof case for iPad Air 3

Full coverage: XBK Waterproof Case

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This fully sealed, waterproof, shockproof case has a built-in screen protector, yet it's still not overly bulky. It also comes with a removable strap for carrying your iPad around.

$31 at Amazon
LifeProof NÜÜD Waterproof case for iPad Air 3

Screenless technology: LifeProof NÜÜD Series Waterproof Case

This waterproof case from trusted brand LifeProof covers the entire iPad and all of its ports and speakers but leaves the screen itself unfettered. This is ideal for the person who likes the feel of the actual screen or prefers to use their own ultra-slim screen protector.

$111 at Amazon
AICase Waterproof case for iPad Air 3

Budget pick: AICase Universal iPad Waterproof Case for Tablets up to 11.5 inch

Pop your iPad into this when you want to take underwater photos or bring your iPad to the beach. It's IPX8 Certified, which means it's immersable to one meter or more. It does maintain touchscreen functionality, and a detachable lanyard is included. This case comes in black or blue.

$12 at Amazon
Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPad Air 3

Underwater adventurer: Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPad Air 10.5-inch

Catalyst is known for turning your ordinary tech into underwater equipment. While this case isn't cheap, it's designed for use underwater. This case is 100% waterproof up to 6.6 feet deep. Plus, it's drop-proof up to four feet.

Nidoo Waterproof case for iPad Air 3

Simple sleeve: NIDOO Water Resistant Sleeve

While this padded sleeve is not waterproof, it's constructed from a water-resistant exterior material and has a soft fluffy interior lining. This is for the occasional rain shower, not the pool. An outer pocket holds your charger or other small accessories, and it comes in blue, gray, dark gray, and pink.

$12 at Amazon
DOMISO Waterproof case for iPad Air 3

Deluxe sleeve: DOMISO Laptop Sleeve

This flexible bag is made with water-resistant fabric outside and is soft and fluffy inside. Two outer zippered pockets hold your accessories. There is a headphone cord hole, a USB port, a top carry handle, and a longer adjustable strap that can be attached in different ways. Choose from black, red, or dark gray.

$19 at Amazon

Which is best for you?

Which case you ultimately choose really depends on whether you need waterproofing or water-resistance, and whether you want just one everyday case that does it all or a waterproof bag to just pop your iPad into for occasional watery situations such as a quick dash through the rain. For daily protection, I'd recommend the XBK Waterproof Case as one of the overall best iPad Air 3 waterproof cases. It's fully sealed without being overly bulky, plus you can use the iPad Air while it's in the case.

If you already have a regular case that you like and you just want something for when you are at the beach or pool, I'd pick up an AICase Univeral Waterproof Case. With any waterproof case, be sure to follow installation instructions carefully before entrusting it with your iPad.

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