The best way to buy your iPad

Apple has just unveiled the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad, which comes with Apple Pencil support and will soon sit in stores besides the iPad Pro lineup and the iPad mini 4. If you're considering a new iPad purchase, here's everything you need to know about the various ways you can buy your new tablet.

First: Decide what kind of iPad (and accessories) you want to purchase

Screen size is just the beginning: Before you order your iPad, you're going to want to consider your hard drive size as well as whether or not to get a Wi-Fi + Cellular option, which runs you an extra $130. There are also accessories to consider: If you're going with an iPad mini, you might want a case or an external keyboard; iPad Pro and sixth-generation iPad users also have to consider add-ons like the Apple Pencil, while Pro owners may want to look at the Smart Keyboard or other Smart Connector accessories.

Second: Should I have my iPad mailed to me or pick it up in-store?

This largely depends on how quickly you want your iPad, and whether you want to drive to your local store on launch day.

If you choose to have your iPad order mailed to you, you're at the whim of your local UPS or FedEx drivers. If your driver regularly comes at 8 a.m., you may get your iPad earlier in the day; if your house or apartment doesn't usually get deliveries until 8 p.m., you may feel a little FOMO.

If you're considering trading in your old iPad for some extra cash, you can do that online or at your local store — up to you.

The best way to order online: The Apple Store app

If you want to avoid slow web pages, you can use your iPhone or current iPad to order via the Apple Store app. This is my preferred method, in large part because the app is quick, easy, requires very little effort on your part, and best of all — you can use Apple Pay. You can even designate your new iPad for in-store pickup within the app.

It might be a little mean to make your current iPad buy your new one, but hey — all's fair in love and pre-ordering.

If you want to use a computer:

If you prefer using your laptop or desktop to order, or you want to order from a different company or big box store, here are the links you need.


If you don't have a reason to do otherwise, remains the easiest way to order your new iPad online.

See at Apple

In the U.S.

Want to order from other outlets? In the United States, you can buy an iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular model from any of the major carriers, as well as on the website of most big-box stores.

In Canada

Looking to order an iPad in Canada? Keep your eyes peeled at the following retailers:


Are you picking up a new 9.7-inch iPad or other iPad model? Have other questions about the ordering process? Let us know below.

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