Best widgets for iPhone

Because widgets are so accessible, they make it easy for you to check the latest news or sports scores, check your reminders or delivery status, make some calculations or swap clipboards. Unlike notifications, widgets are always there, right in the Today view of Notification Center, ready and waiting for whenever you need them. All you have to do is enable them and you're on you're way.

So, which widgets are the very best? Which widgets should you enable right now?

1. Fantastical 2

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Best widgets for iPhone

For calendars and reminders

Fantastical 2 combines your calendar and reminders into one sleek, easy to use, completely interactive widget. Tap on any date and instantly see what you've got scheduled for that day. Tap and hold on any date and go straight to the app and start adding an appointment.

3. Clips

Best widgets for iPhone

For multiple clipboards

Clips lets you add and retrieve snippest of text. It's like having multiple clipboard ready to copy and paste whenever and where ever you want.

4. Pedometer++

Best widgets for iPhone

For your steps, counted

The Pedometer++ widget shows you how many steps you've taken and how many flights of stairs you've climbed on any give day. Tap the info button, and the app will give you your totals going back through time.

5. Deliveries

Best widgets for iPhone

For online shoppers

The deliveries widget shows you all the Apple, Amazon, Fedex, UPS, and other packages you're expecting, when they're expected to arrive, and their last known status. All at a glance.

6. Dark Sky

Best widgets for iPhone

For weather watchers

If the weather in Apple's Today summary isn't enough, Dark Sky will show you what you can expect for the next hour based on your current location.

7. PCalc

Best widgets for iPhone

For quick calculations

The PCalc widget puts all the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages, all in Notification Center. It even lets you toggle between open (full calculator) and closed (last result only) so you can save Today view space if you want to.

8. TeeVee 3

Best widgets for iPhone

For a TV guide

The TeeVee 3 widget lets you know all the shows you care about coming up up next on all the networks available to you. That way, you can double check the schedule and your viewing plans with just a swipe.

9. ETA

Best widgets for iPhone

For travelers

The ETA widget keeps all your frequent travel destination available to you, driving or walking, along with the time it will take you to get there. Tap one and you'll be taken to navigation directions to make sure you get there.

10. ESPN

Best widgets for iPhone

For sports fans

The ESPN widget lets you know what games are on, what games are coming up, and what the final scores were for games that have just completed. It's the sports page in Notification Center form!

11. Philips Hue

Best widgets for iPhone

*For remote controllers**

Hue's Today view widget lets you keep all your favorite light settings available all the time, from anywhere on your iPhone. Say goodbye to hunting for the app and switching tabs while you stumble around in the dark!

12. Musixmatch

Best widgets for iPhone

For instant karaoke

The Musixmatch widget gives you instant access to music identification and song lyrics with a single swipe. Perfect for any time you're about to take the stage, whether at home or at karaoke night.

13. Writing Aid

Best widgets for iPhone

For your word of the day

The Writing Day widget gives you a new word each day so that you can learn it and add it to your vocabulary each day. Given how many tweets, snaps, statuses, and instas are the same, I speak for everyone when I say — spice it up!

14. Sky Guide

Best widgets for iPhone

For astronomy lovers

The Sky Guide widget gives you rise and set times for the sun, the moon, and a few of the planets. If you want to keep track of the heavens, this'll let you know when best to do it.

Your favorites?

Those are our favorite Today view widgets for Notification Center right now. Which widgets do you have currently installed and why? And if we missed any of them, please let us know about them in the comments below!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.