Best Sleeves for iPad mini 5 iMore 2019

We know you don't want to wrap your iPad mini 5 with a bulky case all the time, but still want to protect it your tablet when you're on the move or when you're not using it; that's where a good sleeve can come in handy!

Water-repellent: Lacdo Tablet Sleeve

Staff Favorite

This water-repellent canvas protects your iPad Pro from the outside, while a soft fleece inside cushions and protects it from scratches. It also has a small outer pocket to hold some accessories.

$10 at Amazon

Just the basics: AmazonBasics 8-inch Tablet Sleeve

Perfect for people who don't need anything fancy, the AmazonBasics 8-inch Tablet Sleeve will fit your iPad mini 5 nice and snug. The zipper on the side makes it easy to slide your iPad mini 5 in and out with ease.

$8 at Amazon

Stylish felt: TOPHOME Felt Sleeve

With a beautiful leather strap, this elegant felt sleeve is super soft on the inside to prevent your iPad mini 5 from scratching. Plus, it even has a small pocket on the back that could hold some small accessories, like AirPods or an Apple Pencil!

From $15 at Amazon

Super slim sleeve: Bear Motion Sleeve

The minimalist design of the Bear Motion sleeve is perfect for carrying around your iPad mini 5 as discretely as possible. With a microfiber interior to prevent scratching and a super slim profile, it will almost feel like your iPad mini 5 doesn't even have a sleeve!

$10 at Amazon

Luxury leather: hencho. Handmade leather sleeve

Beautifully handcrafted leather wraps your iPad mini 5 in luxury. With a small pocket on the back to carry your Apple Pencil or maybe a set of Apple's AirPods, this sleeve also comes with a 24-month warranty!

$55 at Amazon

When you're commuting to work or just traveling in general, the Lacdo Tablet Sleeve is a great choice because of its water-repellent properties. It's nice to know that if you get caught in a drizzle, your iPad mini 5 will be just fine.

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