Best Sleeves for iPad mini 5 iMore 2021

We know you don't want to wrap your iPad mini 5 with a bulky case all the time, but still want to protect it your tablet when you're on the move or when you're not using it. That's where a slimmer iPad mini sleeve can come in handy. These form-fitting solutions can still protect your precious pad from liquids, drops, dents, and dings, plus they are incredibly portable. Here are some of our favorites that can help you decide which one is right for your needs.

Lacdo Tablet Sleeve

Water-repellent: Lacdo Tablet Sleeve

Staff Favorite

This water-repellent canvas protects your iPad Pro from the outside, while a soft fleece inside cushions and protects it from scratches. It also has a small outer pocket to hold some accessories.

Moko Tablet Sleeve Gray

Just the basics: MoKo 7/8-Inch Tablet Sleeve

Perfect for people who don't need anything fancy, the MoKo 7/8-inch Tablet Sleeve will fit your iPad mini 5 nice and snug. The zipper on the side makes it easy to slide your iPad mini 5 in and out with ease.

$11 at Amazon
TOPHOME Felt Sleeve

Stylish felt: TOPHOME Felt Sleeve

With a beautiful leather strap, this elegant felt sleeve is super soft on the inside to prevent your iPad mini 5 from scratching. Plus, it even has a small pocket on the back that could hold some small accessories, like AirPods or an Apple Pencil!

From $15 at Amazon
Bear Motion Ipad Mini Sleeve Red

Super slim sleeve: Bear Motion Sleeve

The minimalist design of the Bear Motion sleeve is perfect for carrying around your iPad mini 5 as discretely as possible. With a microfiber interior to prevent scratching and a super slim profile, it will almost feel like your iPad mini 5 doesn't even have a sleeve!

$9 at Amazon
Pawtec Ipad Mini Shockproof Sleeve

Shockingly affordable: Pawtec iPad mini Shockproof Sleeve

The Pawtec Shockproof Sleeve offers portability and protection with a bubble-padded interior. An additional front pocket is the perfect spot for the Apple Pencil, and zipper enclosures ensure that everything stays put.

Moko Kid Tablet Sleeve Bag in pink

For the kids: MoKo 7/8-Inch Kid Tablet Sleeve Bag

Available in two playful colors, MoKo's 7/8 Kid Tablet Sleeve Bag combines a form-fitting sleeve and a handy carrying strap. This sleeve has two pockets that can store cables or earbuds, and a neoprene exterior provides shockproofing and splash resistance.

$15 at Amazon

Slim sleeves

iPad sleeves are a great combination of protection and portability, with form-fitting options available in tons of different colors and materials. When you're commuting to work or just traveling in general, the Lacdo Tablet Sleeve is a great choice because of its water-repellent properties. It's nice to know that if you get caught in a drizzle, your iPad mini 5 will be just fine.

Want a little more protection without the bulk? Then the Pawtec iPad mini Shockproof Sleeve is the one for you. This shockproof sleeve has a bubble-padded interior that prevents dings and dents. This case also comes with an affordable price tag and additional storage for all of your accessories.

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