Timed with the Republican National Convention (RNC), BitTorrent has announced that it will be launching its own online news channel on July 18. The channel, appropriately titled BitTorrent News, will be available as part of BitTorrent Live for the Apple TV and OS X.

BitTorrent launching live news channel with the Republican convention

From BitTorrent:

BitTorrent News is a live-streaming TV news network that will be featured on BitTorrent Live starting July 18th. For news and sports, time is of the essence. BitTorrent News will be the destination for an informed, independent voice on the news in real-time as news breaks. BitTorrent News has a distinct advantage when scaling rapidly to large audiences in real-time without the need for expensive pre-provisioning, a near impossible feat during a rapidly developing news situation.

In addition to the RNC, BitTorrent News will cover the Democratic convention as well. Both events will see 10-12 hours of original live coverage each day. The election will continue to be a primary staple of BitTorrent News after the conventions, alongside other news.

While BitTorrent News will only be available on Apple TV and Mac to start, expansions to iOS and Android are planned, though BitTorrent hasn't announced a launch date for those platforms just yet.