BlackBerry KEYone: For the CrackBerry faithful

BlackBerry is now exclusive a software company but TCL — the same company that makes Alcatel — is releasing all-new hardware under the BlackBerry Mobile brand. That might sound complicated but the result is simple: BlackBerry KEYOne.

And yes, our very own CrackBerry Kevin was live at MWC in Barcelona to MC it.

I'm sure Kevin has 150,000 review with 47 videos and 19,000 photos on the way but, in the meantime, here's what Canada's own Daniel Bader had to say on Android Central:

I'm happy to report that it's actually quite nice. The aluminum frame is solid and the design is anything but pedestrian, with overtly curved sides meeting a flat-top frame and exposed antenna lines. There's an old-school industrial feel to the whole thing that I really dig — the dual tones of black and silver work really well here, harkening back to some BlackBerrys of the past while updating the look for 2017.

There'll be a lot of 'dad jokes' harmed in the making of KEYone reviews — even though there's no indication BlackBerry Mobile will be including a 45-degree leather hip holster in the box.

I don't think anyone with eyes already set on an iPhone 8 — or whatever Apple calls this year's iPhone — will be swayed by KEYone. But I do think the CrackBerry faithful will want to give it a try. And like any classic comeback, that's where they'll need to start.

Check out the hands-on and let me know your thoughts!

BlackBerry KEYone hands-on

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