While blazin' it might not be legal everywhere, it is silly to ignore the massive changes that are mounting with the wider acceptance & legalization of this controversial green plant.

Some people are right to argue that they are uncomfortable with the effects and use of marijuana, while others proudly promote and discuss the different ways weed has changed their life – but what about the technology, apps, and advances that have developed with the idea of legalizing marijuana?

Cella Lao Rousseau

With 4/20 just around the corner, we're curious to know if you would be interested in reading 4/20-related content! 🌳🔥💨 Whether you're someone who's looking for the perfect stoner game to waste a couple of hours playing, a person who wants to chow down on the best possible munchies in the proximity, or even someone who wants to learn a bit more about different strains & ways to smoke, ingest,...


While some people are quick to shoot down the idea…


Potheads can have their own stoner content, AFAIK. Just not here, as I truly believe promoting the use of drug on a family friendly tech forum is not only wrong but also, I think (don't quote me on that), illegal. I'm convinced there are hundreds of forums exclusively for that.


… Others recognized that it's a daily activity for some and legal for others.


Clean and sober almost 15 years here, so I might be qualified to comment. "420" was my main choice, when I still chose. While I choose not to indulge, I DO recognize that many non addicts (and addicts also) DO indulge. Also in many states marijuana is legal and/or decriminalized. Also in other Countries. I do not have a problem with iMore covering this topic. I can always choose (as I most...


What do you think? Would you like to see content that centers around apps and techs for those who toke on 4/20, or do you think having articles catering to pot-smokers & their technology is totally inappropriate for the site?

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