Bloomberg's Mark Gurman takes questions on HomePod, 5G iPhones and more

Two white homepods sitting on a television stand
Two white homepods sitting on a television stand (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has been answering questions live on Periscope!
  • He's revealed plenty of information about his own outlook on Apple's upcoming plans.
  • Revelations include a substantial iMac refresh, new Apple TV, AirTags and more!

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has held a live Periscope session to answer questions regarding Apple's upcoming product pipeline.

As reported by MacRumors:

Well-connected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman recently took questions from followers on Periscope about Apple's product roadmap. Gurman's sources are usually very reliable, and the journalist is known for breaking Apple stories, so we took it as an opportunity to summarize his current expectations of the company in the near term.

MacRumors has handily summarized everything Gurman mentioned, here are the headlines!

Gurman reportedly said that Apple "plans a "substantial" iMac refresh this year", maybe even a total redesign, but that rumors of a 23-inch iMac "sound about right". He also stated that Apple plans to upgrade its 13-inch MacBook Pro to a 14-inch, reflecting changes made in the 16-inch MacBook Pro last year, complete with scissor-switch keys.

Interestingly, Gurman also said that a dedicated team within Apple has been tasked with "saving the HomePod", which means we can expect a smaller, cheaper HomePod this year with much better Siri.

He also alluded to a new Apple TV (not 8K) this year, as well as a refreshed 16-inch MacBook. Other possible products we can look forwards to include:

  • Apple Watch Series 6 (later this year)
  • AirTags (later this year)
  • Modular, high-end over-ear headphones (Fall 2020)

He dampened a few predictions we've seen from other sources, suggesting that we shouldn't expect under-the-screen fingerprint sensors in the iPhone this year. Gurman also said that he does not subscribe to recent rumors that Xcode is being developed for iOS and iPadOS. Jon Prosser has recently said he's 100% confident that Xcode and Apple's pro apps will come to iPad pro within the next year.

This is a really great set of information from one of the industries leading figures, you can check out the full report here!

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