iPad Pro (2020)Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • The iPad Pro can't run many "pro" apps, including Xcode.
  • Developers need Xcode to create apps for Apple's ecosystem.
  • A new report claims Xcode and more are coming to iPad.

People love to throw shade at the iPad Pro for many reasons, but the arrival of the Magic Keyboard has killed some of them off. Now Jon Prosser reckons that another one will be put to bed, too – that the iPad Pro isn't a real computer because it can't run Apple's "pro" apps.

In a tweet this morning Prosser said that he is now "100% confident that FCPX, Logic Pro & Xcode are coming to iPad Pro". That doesn't leave much room for ambiguity, does it?

The arrival of Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro, and Xcode on iPadOS would be huge for both Apple and its users. The Magic Keyboard, enhanced trackpad support, and the sheer power inside the iPad Pro should make such apps doable. And that USB-C port won't hurt, either. Remember, iPad Pro is the only non-Mac device Apple makes with USB-C.

If Prosser is correct all that's left is to find out when these apps will come. When asked if they would arrive at WWDC, the answer was much less convincing.

Well, at least it's a start.