BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPad 2 - accessory review

The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPad 2 is a skin that sticks to the aluminum black to give some texture and protect from scrapes and abrasions. They're not the same as the thin, clear BodyGuardz films we've shown you how to apply before, and are actually even easier to apply. (Check out the video below to see just how easy.)

Now that I've been using it for a week, how do I like it? Am I keeping it? Read on to find out!

Allow me to quote myself from my previous review on the BodyGuardz Armor for iPhone 4:

First things first. BodyGuardz Armor aren't really made out of carbon fiber. (Shocking!) So they won't stop a bullet (and no, they wouldn't actually let me test that! Grrrr!) They're printed to look like carbon fiber, however, so if you want protection and style and don't actually need real fibers made from carbon, this could be the skin for you.

When it comes to looks, I think BodyGuardz is even hotter on iPad 2 than on iPhone. The large surface really makes the texture stand out, especially as light hits the curved back. You still can't see the Apple logo under the dark gray sticker, but that's only going to be a deal breaker for the biggest Apple fans.

And yes, I have a pink SmartCover so once again, best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be color combination! (For those who asked, the anti-glare screen protector doesn't interfere with the SmartCover magnets at all. It works great!)

With my iPhone, I really liked the grip of the BodyGuardz Armor since the glass would often slip and slide off chairs and sofas. The same applied to the iPad 2. I can put it down on the armrest of my movie chair, get myself some more popcorn, and not have to worry about it taking a dive to the floor. Apple's backs look great, but they give me a heart attack at times. With the Armor, I feel much safer.

Unlike the iPhone version, there are no side stickers... because iPad 2 has almost no sides. I didn't like the sides on my iPhone and am not using them any more, so this is fine for me.

Bottom line, I'm liking it and still using it. Great protection, great grip, and great looks, all with next to no added bulk or weight. Check out the BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for iPad 2, available from the TiPb iPhone 4 Accessory Store.


  • Looks great
  • Increases grip
  • Almost no added bulk


  • Edges of sticker can get caught
  • No real protection against impact

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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