Book Palette for Mac offers 10 beautiful templates for iBooks Author

iBooks Author has but a limited selection of templates, so Jumsoft has released Book Palette, a Mac app that offers 10 additional stylish and modern templates for you with the promise to bring more. Although these templates are ready to use and don't need to be changed, the ability to customize them to your liking is possible so that you can create a book that is uniquely yours.

Each template contains an assortment of standard section and page layouts including covers, chapter pages, text pages, tables of contents, glossary pages, and more.

As if it wasn't already simple enough, Book Palette has just made creating your beautiful, multi-touch, interactive iPad book even easier.

With the new, revolutionary iBooks Author app, anyone can create and publish great Multi-Touch books for iPad, including you. Jumsoft swiftly offers you an enhanced experience in book creation with 10 beautiful templates for iBooks Author.Each template included in the Book Palette app features an assortment of stylish and modern page layouts. You can use them as a starting point and go from there by typing or pasting your own text, adding or removing text boxes, and dropping images or other media.Although the standard designs included in Book Palette are very polished, you are not expected to settle for default. Most objects in the templates can be easily reshaped, moved, or removed, and colors can be changed. Use a variety of pre-designed text styles or opt for fonts of your choice to format your text for the best effect.

Book Palette is available in the Mac App Store for $2.99.

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