Mr Mobile's Bose QC35 Review: So nice I bought it twice

Ridiculous comfort, insane noise cancellation and huge sound: the Bose QC35 Bluetooth headset is a hyperbole hater's nightmare, but a traveling music lover's dream.

The QC35 was pushed on me by an aggressive salesman at San Francisco International while I was waiting for a flight back to Boston; I initially found the price too rich for my blood, but that all changed the moment I flipped that noise-cancelling switch. Six hours of blissful flying between two screaming babies later, I was sold for life – and I even bought the QC35 a second time when I lost my first set in a hotel room.

As Serenity Caldwell can attest, it's just that good. Check out all the high points — and a few of the lows — in MrMobile's first Bluetooth headset video, the Bose QC35 review!

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