for iPad - app review for iPad is a front end to's cloud-based service that allows you to manage and share your data from anywhere. Thanks to the app, you can access your content not only through the website on any computer, but from your mobile devices now as well. 

The iPad version has a very intuitive and easy to use interface.  I recently set up an enterprise unlimited Box account for our business.  As we are in real estate development, we have tons of files to upload.  I was surprised you can even view AutoCad files with a plug-in.  Plug-ins are another area I really enjoyed looking at.  OpenBox is a service offers which features several plug-ins for 3rd party clients and apps that can work in conjunction with   I spoke to a consultant at that also confirmed desktop syncing is about to come out of beta and hit officially in the next few weeks.  That was one of our biggest concerns as we'd like a cloud backup of all our data.

Also, being a small business, we especially liked the collaboration feature. We can leave notes or tasks for eachother on certain documents and folders.  When I sign in, I see what's new or what files have been uploaded or change since my last log-in. offers the following features (some features vary with account type):

  • Sharing with links
  • In-folder collaboration
  • User permissions
  • Integrated file views
  • Online workspace
  • Tasks
  • Uploading files on the go from your iPhone or iPad has a few pricing schemes for individuals and business users.  The unlimited business version you'll have to call for details on as it can vary.  The enterprise unlimited version also comes with your own dedicated account manager for any technical issues.  You can also add an unlimited number of users for a set price per user, per month.  Besides the enterprise plan, the other plans are pretty straight forward:

  • Lite - 1GB storage, 25MB file size limit, Free
  • Individual - 10GB storage, 1GB file size limit, $9.95/month
  • Business - 15GB storage per user, 2GB file size limit, $15/month per user up to 3 users
  • Enterprise - Unlimited storage, Unlimited users, Call for pricing

These prices are very reasonable compared to maintaining a server.  Speaking from a business perspective, we've had no issues that Box wasn't able to resolve.  If you use Box on a personal or business level, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Update: After recording the video, released an update that allows for the uploading of files. We'll look at that in the iPhone review soon!

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  • Fast file transfers
  • More storage for cheaper than competitors
  • Mobile apps or site for most platforms
  • Excellent collaboration tools
  • Easy to set up an implement


  • No native editing within iPhone/iPad apps, view only
  • No desktop sync (as of yet, should be available soon)
  • Sometimes cuts off Excel files funny

Continue reading for screenshots and a video.

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iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I'd rather use Dropbox, has more free storage, a desktop sync application, and you can open the files for viewing or editing in the associated applications, like docs on Pages.
  • Dropbox isn't nearly as intuitive as in my opinion. My biggest concern was a desktop sync client which is releasing.
    I have dropbox as well and just don't find it as much of a business tool made for businesses like box is. For personal use sure, but for business, box is hands down.
    As far as opening files in apps, you still have to have the apps for that to work with dropbox. So as far as different computers editing them, that's a little bit of a grey area.
  • I don't see the appeal of this over Dropbox. As far as I can see, doesn't integrate with your desktop's native file system like Dropbox or Sugarsync. Dropbox also has an API that allows third-party apps like GoodReader access it. I can download a file from Dropbox in GoodReader, edit it within the app, then upload the revision to Dropbox (unfortunately, you can sync the revision; it has to be a new file). That spreadsheet you opened would've been editable within GoodReader, and possible Dropbox natively. And, of course, Dropbox give you 2GB of free storage vs.'s 1GB.
  • @Andre, I don't get the appeal of DropBox as a business standard, which is was the point of view I was reviewing from. For 20$ a month you only get 100GB of storage total. That is NOT a lot. offers several tools for businesses for collaboration. As far as editing documents, that does not even matter. No person in a business setting does not have access to MS Office or an editing program. Before signing up for we had made sure desktop syncing was coming very soon (which it is), so that will be a moot point rather quickly here. Plus, with an enterprise account with box, you have unlimited storage and file upload size. That's what we needed. DropBox does not offer near the amount of features that offers to businesses. Which is why so many larger companies have went with, because of the tools and ease of use it offers. As far as editing attachments, anything I'd need to edit on the go, I have DocsToGo on my phone and iPad for that, and almost everywhere I go, my MacBook or laptop is with me (as is with most corporate employees), and there's no question you do not have office or an editing program to suit your needs. To me, having 80 ways to edit documents is a little overkill.