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What you need to know

  • Brave Browser has a new update with more privacy features.
  • A new Privacy Hub shows information about which websites are trying to track users.
  • More updates include a new SSL certificate viewer and more.

Brave has announced an updated version of its Brave Browser for iPhone and iPad that adds support for a new Privacy Hub alongside other features designed to help keep people safe online.

The new update is available in the App Store now and the big addition is definitely the Privacy Hub. Here, Brave Browser will show which trackers websites were trying to use before it blocked them, including information on ads that were also intercepted.

This new feature gives users more visibility on exactly what Brave blocked, and how Brave protects your personal information online. Privacy Hub shows a rolling update of how many trackers Brave blocked on a specific site, or in a given time span (e.g. over the previous week).

Brave Browser Privacy Hub ScreenshotSource: Brave

Another improvement is the addition of a certificate viewer that allows people to see a page's certificate and then verify that it is valid or has been revoked. More information including the certificate's serial number and issuer can also be found.

All of this and more is available in the updated version 1.38 release of Brave Browser. Those who already have it installed should see the update available in App Store while those who are downloading for the first time can do so for free.

Apple recently released a new ad that explains some of the privacy features that are built right into iPhones, including tools to prevent ad trackers and more.

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