Do you own your own website? Have you been thinking of building a website for your work portfolio or a side business? Great!… but where do you start? If you've never done any web design before, it can be intimidating to start.

Build your own website with Blocs 2 for Mac!

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What you need is a fast and powerful visual web design tool that's easy to use for beginners but robust enough to support even veteran web designers. Fortunately, iMore Digital Offers has a deal for just such a program.

You can save 50% off Blocs 2 a celebrated web design program that lets you build a website by arranging blocks of information. You don't need to know complicated code to build a website with Blocs, which is perfect for beginners.

Here are the features included with Blocs 2:

  • Create CMS driven websites with integrated support for a range of paid and free third-party Content Management Systems
  • Use the Navigator feature to gain a stunning, searchable overview of your entire project, from web page to web page
  • Save time by building with paint mode, global swatches, auto text coloring, one click animations, and more
  • Optimize your sites for desktop, tablet, & mobile effortlessly
  • Enable visitors to start discussions & comment on web pages with integrated Disqus support
  • Generate sitemaps automatically to improve SEO results
  • Work offline, unlike most site-building tools

Usually, this software would cost $80, but you'll save 50% off that price!. That's a great deal no matter how you cut it.

So what are you waiting for? stop putting off building that new website and get to it with Blocs 2!

Pay just $39.99 for just

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