Best Buy Canada Rogers/Fido Off-Contract iPhone 3G S Pricing -- $699/$799

Yeah. Ouch. But that's what BGR's Canadian ninja are reporting. These are Best Buy inventory prices, but it's hard to imagine Rogers/Fido stores charging less what with the exchange rate and typically Canadian shipping overages added.

Any Canadians (besides me) lining up for an off-contract iPhone 3G S this Friday? Does the price change things? How about those of you getting the full subsidy? Happier now?

Rene Ritchie

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  • wow i'll stick with a contract i guess lol
  • OUCH!
    I'll be waiting a year for the next iPhone to be released.
  • Not me!
  • WOW.
    Definitely DEFINITELY not getting the 3GS now. Wow that's totally unfair. We get shafted in every way by apple, no pre-orders, when the US gets price-cuts on MBPs we don't get them.. It's just bullshit.
    And it's not just Canada. To be an apple user in any country other than the US really REALLY sucks.
    The iPhone 3G extended warrantee isn't even available here. WTF?
  • how long does rogers make us wait until we get a discounted price on a new iPhone? 5 years?10 year? ;(
  • Is it truly unlocked or is it still locked to Rogers/Fido? If unlocked it's still a decent deal.
  • That's not a bad price for a 32GB iphone I'd suggest. It's about what we've had to pay here in Australia for an outright 16GB iPhone 3G I don't think its unreasonable at all.
  • The price is high, but it's around where I thought it would be. If it was unlocked that would be better than what I expected, but I can't imagine a world in which rogers ever sells an unlocked iPhone.
  • And i really wish everyone would stop being under the impression that the US are magically getting these iphones for $199/299 and thats that! They're committed to $70-$100 a month contracts for two years, thats $2400!
  • This is more evidence for my tin-foil hat theory that Apple is behind this pricing structure and artificially inflating the prices.
    I think its because Apple knows they could not possibly keep up with demand if every one of 17million users decided to upgrade.
    So they hold prices high till they get ahead of the curve a bit. They have a sequence of multi-country roll-outs to manage and I doubt their contract manufacturing plants can handle the load.
  • @Jaymz
    Definately locked fido/rogers.
  • @Nick I'm a Canadian paying $93/month for 3 years! Which is $3,348!
  • I have a 'corporate' Rogers account with a Canadian University. Apparently I 'qualify' for an 'upgrade' to the 3GS, but I am not quite sure what that means yet. I am hoping that I get to keep my current 'discounted University' data rate and a minimal upgrade outlay- I can keep you posted if interested...
  • @nick I pay 70 a month for 3 years in Canada. That's with the cheapest plan avail really for a iPhone contract with fido.
  • ok not to be smug, im on a 18m contract with o2 in UK its £35 ($57) a month and the phone is £274.25 ($448) = £904.25, not bad eh? in USD its $1,479.442 :D
  • the official link to TETHER from iphone 3G without all the hassle... its a .mobileconfig file for AT&T users
  • does "off-contract iPhone 3G S" mean that the phone will be unlocked?
    if not will i be able to get ahold of a unlocked version.
  • @Oscar no it does not.
  • Speaking of unlocked phones...
  • It´s even worse here in Europe. Prices for the 3GS without contract are around 600 euros for 16gb and 700 euros for 32gb.
  • I,d like to buy 1 iphone 3GS 16 unlocked. Do have this, my oom stay in Digby- New Scotis. Is possible buy by internete. I'm from in Brazil.
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