Buy iPhone 3G Online via AT&T Premier

Ever miss the good old days of buying an iPhone? Well, you can get one step closer if you're an AT&T Premier member since you can now order the iPhone 3G online and wait for it to ship to you! The process takes 7-10 business days while a Direct Fulfillment Order made in the brick and mortar stores take around 2 weeks. Combining this method with the recent Best Buy Mobile news, it looks the iPhone 3G is going to be available to a lot more people now.

We at TiPb have always been wondering why the iPhone 3G was never made available through Apple's and AT&T's online outlets. Filling out an online form with the necessary information, waiting for the iPhone 3G to arrive in mail, and activating with a 'last step' on iTunes seems simple enough to us. But we guess Apple is in the business of the spectacular. Long lines FTW.