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Wireless provider C Spire, which serves about 1 million customers in the southeastern US, is now offering rolling data for its 10GB, 15GB and 30GB shared data plans for free. Customers on the company's other plans can switch over to one of the three rolling share data plans at no additional cost.

The company stated the new plans are available for customers with two-year contracts on their smartphones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with users that are under C Spire's device payment option. Prices for the shared rolling data plans range from $110 a month for two lines with 10GB of data up to $190 a month with four lines and 30GB of data. C Spire says:

Any unused data from the previous month is rolled over to the next month for sharing among all users up to the plan's monthly limit. Unlike other providers, C Spire does not force consumers to use plan data first or eliminate any unused roll over data at the end of each month. Instead, rollover data can be accumulated, shared and used among all individuals up to the plan's monthly limit.

The plans also include device tethering for smartphones. T-Mobile and AT&T have both recently launched their own rolling data plans.

Source: C Spire