Calcbot for Mac is a calculator and unit converter with flare

Calcbot for Mac (opens in new tab) is the latest app from Tapbots, maker of the original Calcbot for iOS, and the extremely popular Tweetbot. What it is and what it does is all right there in the name — it's a calculator, it runs on the Mac, and it's got some robot-like smarts built right in.

There's all the visual and sound design flare you'd expect from Tapbots, including bright colors and deep, vibrant translucency — all the OS X Yosemite bells and whistles. Feature wise, you can make calculations and convert units — 500 units across 22 different categories. There's a tape to help you keep track of what you've done, and favorites to access calculations at any time. There's also scientific calculations, constants, and rounding for currency.

Calcbot for Mac in scientific mode with constants menu

I've been beta testing Calcbot for Mac for a while. It looks great, sounds great, and works great. There's no Today view widget, which could be cool for quick calculations, but the app itself is already plenty light and fast.

If you like the Tapbots flare, and you're looking for something friendlier and more feature-filled than the built-in calculator, check out Calcbot for Mac.

Rene Ritchie

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  • I love Tweetbot for iPhone, but Tapbots neglect their other apps which makes me hesitant to buy any of them. Tweetbot for iPad still hasn't seen an iOS 7 update to put it on par with the iPhone version. Calcbot for iOS still doesn't even support iPhone 5 screen sizes. I stopped using the iOS Calcbot long ago.
  • Tapbots must be out of their minds. They haven't updated Calcbot for iOS since the iPhone 4. They will never see another dime of my money spent on their overpriced, under updated apps.
  • Flare?
  • This is one of those times where the credibility of the reviewer takes a hit because they are friends with the developers. The get snookered into 'reviewing' the app, aka advertising for the developers. In this case the developers have all but abandoned users that paid for their other apps, in this day and age it doesn't go unnoticed. They may get a few sales of this app from the advertisement on this site but thats where it will end. Good Luck with that....
  • They should update CalcBot for iOS -- wouldn't consider them for anything else if they're not going to support what they already have :-(
  • No Notification Centre widget? No, thank you.
  • Used to like Calcbot for iOS and it was a nice app, but as others said the developers never supported it so I no longer use it.
  • "Calcbot 2 for iOS is coming soon"