Photo by Credo Action.

Although the FCC's repeal of Net Neutrality is set to go into effect on June 11, that hasn't stopped other government officials from doing what they can to ensure the internet remains free and open for everyone.

Most recently, the California Senate passed a bill that would bring back Net Neutrality laws across the entire state. The bill was passed in a vote of 23 to 12, with the 23 yeses being Democrats and the 12 nos going to Republicans.

Should this bill become law, it would ban ISPs from blocking websites, throttling data speeds, or participating in paid prioritization deals. The California bill even goes a step further by banning any paid data-cap exceptions.

With that said, there's still some work to do before any of this becomes law. The bill must be approved by California's State Assembly and Governor Jerry Brown, but considering Brown's a Democrat and the State Assembly has a Democratic majority, that shouldn't prove to be much of a challenge at all.

As for Net Neutrality's fate on the national level, the U.S. Senate recently passed its own bill in favor of restoring the regulations, too. The fight for net neutrality is far from over, and there are a lot of wheels in motion right now to ensure that fight keeps on going.