Can I control my Joule when I'm not at home?

Joule vs Instant Pot Accu Slim
Joule vs Instant Pot Accu Slim (Image credit: Joule)

Can I control my Joule when I'm not at home?

Best answer: Yes, you can! If your Joule is plugged in at home and hooked up to your Wi-Fi, you can control it out and about from anywhere you have connectivity via an Apple iPhone, iPad, or an Android mobile device using the Joule app.Magic wand: Joule Sous Vide ($198 at Amazon)Able apps: Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (Free at App Store)

Work up an app-etite

Having the option to start cooking while you are away can be a game-changer. With the Joule, you can, which is pretty great. However, you need the Joule app to operate your sous vide machine remotely. The Joule app is currently compatible with iOS 9.x or later and Android 4.4 or later. Once your Joule is plugged in and hooked up to your home Wi-Fi, you can start it up from afar. The Joule will continue to safely operate in your kitchen while you're out at work or play.

The Joule app gives you cooking and recipe information. Once you've referenced that, the app lets you set cooking temperatures and cooking times and allows you to check in on your food any time, anywhere. The app will provide you with notifications to tell you when your water has reached the desired temperature, and when your food has finished cooking.

A super useful feature, especially if you're running late, is that the Joule app will also tell you how long you can safely leave your food in the water without overcooking it. Finally, you can turn Joule off via the app.

Connected cookery

This kind of clever connectivity really sets the Joule apart from its competition. The ability to start your evening meal cooking while you're on your commute home, or to heat water when you're at the store is super useful, especially for today's busy, modern lifestyles.

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