Best answer: Yes, the Logitech Pop Button can act as a light switch for all of your HomeKit connected light bulbs. Pop buttons can be mounted anywhere, making them a quick and easy way to add "switches" around your home.

What makes the Pop Button a good replacement for a HomeKit light switch?

A Logitech Pop Button can be installed just about anywhere since it doesn't require any wiring and is powered by a battery. This makes it a perfect solution to those places in your home where you could benefit from having another light switch, but do not have the proper electrical wiring available.

The Pop Button is also a great way to make your lights or devices more accessible to people, such as kids, who may not be able to reach your existing light switches.

How do I get started?

Setting up the Logitech Pop Button is easy, just plug in the hub included with the Smart Button Kit, and open up the Home App to begin the pairing process. Once added, you can assign your lights or scenes to the button by going into the controls for the device by using 3D Touch, or Haptic Touch, on it within the Home App.

What else can the Pop Button do?

The Logitech Smart Button can control almost any device that supports HomeKit. This includes light bulbs, light strips, smart plugs, and more. Since the Pop Button supports three different button press actions — single press, double press, and a long press — it can be used to control more than just one device.

You can also assign HomeKit scenes to a button press, which can include as many devices as you want, making the Pop Button a great way to turn off all of your lights or plugs on your way out of the door. Logitech's Pop Button can also be used with other non-HomeKit enabled services such as IFTTT, Sonos speakers, and SmartThings, so you are not limited to just one ecosystem.

Our Pick

Logitech Pop Smart Button Kit

Switch it Up

The Logitech Pop Smart Button Kit includes everything you need to add a new way to control your HomeKit lights. Once set up, you can stick the Pop Button just about anywhere, creating a new light "switch" instantly in your home.

Add On

Logitech Pop Add On Smart Button

Personalize It

Additional Logitech Pop Buttons can be added once you have your Smart Kit set up. Additional buttons come in a variety of colors, like white, coral, teal, and alloy, allowing them to blend in with your decor.

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